Dependable technology and reliable relationships are central to any good Converged Commerce system. To make converged commerce a reality, we actively partner with many different best-of-breed technology developers. Tap into this retail technology ecosystem, to make your omni-channel strategy a success.

Converged Commerce

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Omni-channel retail is all about a smooth shopper buying experience. Converged Commerce is the technology that makes that omni-channel experience possible. Specifically, converged commerce is the term used for high performance unified commerce solutions. These being unified commerce system built with best-in-class technologies, that perform exceptionally, together.

Partners here include specialist vendors, integrators, middleware providers, and core platform developers. Products and expertise range from digital channels for eCommerce, warehouse management systems, POS solutions, taxation specialists, and more. Converged commerce is more than merely one company attempting to build it all, for you. Converged commerce is about building an ecosystem of technologies that work well together, and are exceptional at their own unique functions. 

A strong and vibrant ecosystem lets each specialist focus on their individual core strength. Working with converged commerce technologies means you are getting highest performance overall system available on the market. In a space as competitive as retail, we can all use every advantage we can find. 

Converged Commerce solutions mean retailers can:

  • Invest in the ideal technology at each step,
  • Reduce single vendor risks,
  • Have fewer single points of failures,
  • Deploy the solution rapidly,
  • Implement only the technologies they truly need, and
  • Keep costs under control.

Digital Commerce

digital commerce for unified commerce system

Digital Commerce is the important front-end, online part of omni-channel retail. Think of it as ecommerce. But, add in a few additional key parts. You might include a Product Information Management (PIM) system, digital analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence engine), and content management system. Joining digital commerce with advanced order management with all its seamless integrations gives you a truly unified – converged commerce solution. When online influences 79% of shopper searches and purchases for merchandise (UPS, 2017), digital commerce is key to getting your omni-channel strategy, right.

Combining your digital and ecommerce solution with an advanced OMS / DOM builds unified solution that single vendor systems simply cannot match. Click the digital commerce button below to review several solution partners which connect seamlessly with our Advanced OMS / DOM. Also included are proven, live integrations in full operation today.

Find the digital commerce platforms that make sense for your needs.

Supply Chain Integration Photo

Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integrations make the fulfillment side of omni-channel retail, a reality. Be it inventory management, the warehouse management system (WMS), third party logistics providers (3PL), or other elements of the supply chain – effective integration gives life to powerful converged commerce solutions.

Find the supply chain platforms and partners that make sense for your retail needs.

system integrator partners

System Integrators

System Integrator (SI) partners work in unison with OrderDynamics to bring retailers the solutions they need. Our partnerships are built on technical expertise. Then they are forged with the proven capabilities practiced regionally. SI partners provide consultancy, design, deployment, and technical support on a global basis. It ensures the long-term success of our clients, and the top-tier converged commerce solutions. With a regional presence, the partnership makes sure retail customers can get local support, whenever and where-ever they need it.


Technology Integration

Technology Integration and Services are an important part of any converged commerce ecosystem. This includes payment gateways, gift card integrations, third party logistics (3PL), key shopper channels, financial enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), demand planning systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), shipping carriers ….

Look at the various partnerships you may need to help your business succeed.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology

Microsof Azure Cloud-based Technology

Microsoft Azure is a rapidly growing collection of cloud services that developers, coders, and IT architects use to create, launch, and manage applications through Microsoft’s international base of cloud datacenters. Microsoft Azure gives customers and users the freedom to deploy advanced retail technologies like distributed order management systems.

In an industry as hypercompetitive as retail, it is important to select cloud technology that offers an open architecture. It needs to be massively and rapidly scalable, and is supportive of the retailers themselves. We took this aspect very seriously. Partnering with Microsoft Azure means getting a world class, massively scalable, and reliable cloud partner. 

We are proud to be a Microsoft Azure gold partner. If you are in retail, ask your Order Management System (OMS) vendor what cloud technology they use. If they are hosting your data on your competitors cloud network, that is a big red flag. Give us a call, we will be pleased to discuss the advantages of being on a Microsoft Azure network, instead.