Retail is often seen as a vertical unto itself, but there are many important variations to consider. Each sector or retail vertical has unique challenges, needing unique solutions to bring omni-channel to life. Robust order management software is a key part of that equation. That’s where OrderDynamics makes a difference.

Fashion & Apparel

Fashion Order Management Software

Fashion is a fast industry. Ever changing styles in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Styles and looks can change on a whim. What’s popular with consumers one day can become a passing interest the next. Then there is the continual seasonal evolution and change over. For fashion retail, you need systems that can let you keep up with all these dynamic changes. It takes smart systems that help keep your operation current, on target, and continually optimizing the details in the background – to let you focus on doing what you love. Running the retail fashion business.

Seasonal stock needs to be sold through in a short time window. Sell it through before it needs to be marked down at reduced margins. With so many variations of each item, retailers often only hold limited stock of each piece at any given store or location.

Complete visibility to all inventory helps balance our retail stock across locations, removing the seasonal effect of surplus stock in some stores with none at others. Intelligent order routing then balances the sell through of merchandise through all channels. It maximizes revenue and margins. “Save the sale” with online inventory lookup. Let customers and associates locate the goods they want throughout the retail network regardless of channel or location. Customer care functionality supports rapid and efficient cross-channel exchanges and returns.


Omni-channel Fulfillment for Footwear

Stating that the footwear market is complex with so many styles, colors, shapes, and types – is simply an understatement. Worldwide, $350 Billion worth of footwear products are sold annually (APLF 2017). Being such an important facet of the retail market, footwear has its own unique challenges that need unique solutions.

Footwear comes in dress shoes, casuals, boots, runners, slippers, trade related steel toe, sandals and specialized athletic gear. Not only is there a huge variety of types but each might come in several colors, widths, sizes, and stylistic variations. A large part of the challenge in this business is the need to have inventory close to customers in stores, and yet being able to leverage the inventory throughout the business. Then there are the challenges of straight online sales growth, in which customers order excess quantities to try on, returning the rest. Online returns can easily range from 20% – 40% of all purchases.

This unique business straddles the dynamic, rapid changes of fashion with a strong punch of seasonality. It means retailers need order management software that caters to the flexibility of being able to change business rules and priorities on the fly, show customers what is in stock in real-time, and keep close tabs on customer purchase and return histories with ease. Footwear retailers find the advanced capabilities of order consolidation features to be an important paradigm shifter. Like luxury goods, high end footwear may often be inventoried in smaller quantities across various store locations. For these the ability to consolidate orders can be the difference between making a profit, or losing your … shoes.

Furniture & Home Improvements

Order Management Software for Home Furniture Retail

While 46% of Millennials prefer online shopping because of the convenience, 82% purchased do-it-youself (DIY) / home improvement goods in-store, and 72% purchased furniture and homeware in-store (PWC 2016). For the furniture and do-it-yourself markets omni-channel retailing is particularly important. As the buying power of the digital generation grows, omni-channel shopping is the natural flow. As a household goods retailer, you need be on the forefront of your new customers’ wants and needs.

In home furnishings physical bulk means many items cannot be stocked in quantity or walked out of the store by the customer. Online or in-store you need to be ready to transact, and offer the right fulfillment service for this new breed of consumers. OrderDynamics is there to help.

DIY and Home Furnishing retailers have particular needs of their order management technology. Interconnecting with delivery services, and providing timely information on stock availability, pickup readiness, or delivery status – are all very important to customers. Make sure that when your customers are showrooming or webrooming, that they are offered the fulfillment options they need. Whether on mobile, online, or in-store make your brand their easy destination of choice.

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Toys, Hobbies & Specialty

Toy specialized order management software

Toys, Hobbies and Specialty goods retailing truly is all about the experience. Whether it is about the shopper having a highly personalized, catered buying journey, the fun of the activity itself in the case of hobbies, or the joy on the faces of the gift recipients; the buying journey is important.

Toys, hobbies and the specialty goods sector are the among the retailers most prone to the dramatic peaks and troughs of seasonal. Major events drive large swings in demand. As such, these retailers in particular have specialized needs that only advanced order management software systems are suited to handle.

When your retail operation is largely cyclical, you can’t afford to have an online shopper pass you up. To get them while they are hot, you need a truly real-time view of inventory across the entire retail network. You also need the ability to pool this inventory, and choose the right level of in-store safety stock for the business. Then, during the hot season, let customers lock in their product orders and come in-store to pick it up right away. It is less hassle for the customer, gives them peace of mind, makes your brand memorable to them, and means the customer will probably buy more items when the come in for the pickup. For specialty, toys and hobbies, Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) provides the advantage you need from your order management software.

Sportswear & Sporting Goods

Sportswear order management software

Growing at just under 7% for the third year in a row, the sportswear category has definitely helped maintain growth in fashion for the past few years (Euromonitor, 2016). Sportswear includes yoga pants, track outfits, rain gear, and other outdoor active wear. Statistica estimates the global market for sportswear alone to exceed $168 Billion USD in 2017 (Statistica 2017).

Sportswear and sporting goods are like a cross between fashion, luxury, and the hobby specialty markets. Seasonality is a significant concern, styles can change frequently, and merchandise often vary between low cost to luxury priced. Letting customers know about the stock you have, and where to find it; and flexibly changing business rules on the fly, can mean hitting positive margins, or not.

Like many sectors in retail, inventory visibility is a key starting point for driving higher sales. Beyond maintaining real-time information customers can trust, robust order management software lets merchants pool inventory and create safety stock allocations. That makes sure critical in-store inventory, like the sports clothing on the mannequins – is not sold off inadvertently. It also makes sure you don’t sell all your hottest merchandise online, encouraging more in-store buying – which promotes more impulse purchasing. OrderDynamics provides a solution that is easy to reconfigure, and lets you adjust business rules and priorities on the fly. That’s useful at the end of season when you need to deplete in-store inventories by prioritizing ship-from-store fulfillments, for example. Don’t drain your resources with frustrating, hard coded solutions forcing you to bring in a specialized and expensive consultant every time you need an adjustment. Advanced order management software lets you react on a moment’s notice, letting you focus on running the business rather than cater to your software’s needs.

Department Stores

Retail Expertise with Customer Engagement

Expected to reach $839 Billion globally by 2018, department store sales are a significant part of the retail market space ( 2017). With a majority of these sales expected to come from developing economies, the trend in this retail vertical tips toward a more globally balanced perspective.

Department store retailers wrestle with the complexities of maintaining the right balance of stock across large product assortments. Amplify this across a multitude of stores and a complex supply chain and there is a need for a focused, feature rich, massively scalable DOM to keep up. Department stores must continually prove their value to shoppers, who can easily webroom, and browse more focused retailer’s selections.

The product range and store footprint lends itself well to the delivery of a strong omni-channel proposition. Options like Click & Collect, Ship-to-Store and Ship-from-Store help make the brand an easy destination of choice for consumers. Advanced order management software features such as Order Consolidation and Shipping Rate Brokering (SRB) help minimize the impact of packaging and shipping costs. Leveraging in-store inventories are an important and growing trend, in both controlling costs while also leveraging the retailer’s distributed inventory – effectively. For department store retailers, advanced DOM capabilities are a key part of maintaining strong presence market, growing revenue, and doing so while keeping a close eye on margins. An OrderDynamics’ DOM as one focused platform brings this to life.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Order Management Software for Cosmetics & Beauty Markets

At $445 Billion, the Beauty and Cosmetics market has shown steady growth with 5% growth spanning 2015-2016 (EuroMonitor 2017). Similar to the luxury market, beauty and cosmetics is about catering to the individual shopper by providing a quality products, with a very high focus on creating a memorable service experience, for them. That includes catering to how the shopper wants to purchase, and by whatever means they wish to use.

Cosmetics and beauty products are as much about the experience as the product and results. Part of that experience is an easy means to purchase the customer’s favorite product, by any means she wants. Whether the purchase started with online research, continued on a mobile, and ended with an in-store pickup, the shopper wants it to be a smooth and easy purchase.

Sometimes you can wait for a cosmetics order. Other times you can’t. That’s why flexibility is key, and cosmetics retailers need a DOM that will support efficiently routing orders of multiple items to a customer – shipped in one package, or which lets customers pickup their order in-store. In-store pickups encourage foot traffic, often result in additional items sold, and provide an opportunity to add great service to the experience.

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Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods Omni-channel Fulfillment

When 88% of shoppers who purchase luxury products do so because of premium quality expectation (Deloitte 2017), you have to make sure the entire purchasing journey is an experience to behold. As a starting point, when paying a premium price customers expect the purchase experience to be flexible, and perfectly seamless across channels. Beyond the standard omni-channel offering, order orchestration, timing and shopper communications must be exceptional. A luxury purchase isn’t just about the merchandise, it is about enjoying a full service moment of truth.

Through a combination of order orchestration, inventory visibility and flexible, real-time messaging, every promise to the customer can be committed and impeccably fulfilled with precision. Customers can be notified at every step of the fulfillment process on every status update. Order modifications can be made in-flight through the customer care interfaces. Intelligent routing ensures the order is fulfilled through the customers preferred options. Customer transactional details are maintained in a centralized system of record, available to each channel – to ensure the personalized experience crosses traditional purchasing boundaries.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics - Drive it with Advanced Order Management Software

Be it flatscreen TVs, digital SLR cameras, stereos, computers, video recorders, or gaming & entertainment; the consumer electronics and appliance market is multi-faceted. The dynamics of this market are such that rapid continual change is the norm. In this technology centric space, merchants need to be at the top of their retail technology game. Here the blend of deep online, detail rich content must be seamlessly blended with a positive, knowledge based and fast retail experience.

With online visibility of local inventory, customers can get almost instant gratification with a Buy Online Pick In Store (BOPIS) also known as click and collect. Various studies show that up to 58% of in-store pickups result in additional product sales, and upsell opportunities. Fast and cost effective delivery and order fulfillment come from ship-from-store capabilities, rather than blindly always shipping from a warehouse. In the digital and electronic goods market, growing sales units and minimizing shipping costs is the means to preserve margins.

International Brands

International Brands Needing Order Management Software

As the world continues to globalize, and expand international trade, the prominence of the multinational retailers and international brands grows. It brings the likes and local tastes of people closer together. It truly knits the fabric of a global community. As a result the world speaks a common language, that of culture crossing brands.

Brands with a presence in multiple countries need retail technology that can scale, adapt, improve cost effectiveness across borders, and cater to regional customers and local needs. In this domain order management software must adapt, be flexible, conform to sometimes subtle language nuances, and to merchandising across different currencies.

Since your business does not stop at the border, neither does OrderDynamics. Our advanced order management software supports multiple product catalogues, currencies, and languages on the same system. Working with a global brand means deploying your retail technology internationally. That means using cloud technology that conforms to local compliance standards, and expectations. It accommodates differences in system interfaces connecting to commerce platforms, warehousing, and payment gateways in each region. It’s where retailers need a technology partner with an out-of-the-box solution that provides uncapped scalability. You need a solution that lets you work comfortably with the increased volumes of a demanding global rollout. You need the experience, reliability and depth of functionality of an OrderDynamics DOM.

Franchise Operations

Franchise Order Management Softwaer

With just shy of 796,000 franchise organisations, and an annual $552 Billion in annual sales in the U.S. alone, the Retail Franchise business is very large and of key importance to many economies (IFA 2016). Franchising groups small individually owned and operated retailers into a branded chain that works with the dynamics of much larger retail chains. In many ways, the best of both worlds.

Franchised stores benefit from the purchasing power and market recognition of the brand, but are separate commercial entities.

Multiple franchise operations can be unified under a single order management system from OrderDynamics. Inventory positions from each franchise can be surfaced online, and orders can be placed on and fulfilled by each franchise owner, with the complexities of individual financial reconciliation being handled seamlessly by the system.