Order Fulfillment Unleashed

Helping brands power exceptional click and collect experiences by making complex challenges – easy. Read on about innovations in retail that make order fulfillment through click and collect or in-store pickup (BOPIS), a reality.

Click and Collect

In-Store Pickup

Get all the tools you need to support and manage order fulfillment that keeps customers happy. In-store pickup increases your cross channel sales, basket size, foot traffic and customer loyalty. Make click and collect a reality by using any existing store level inventory to deliver online orders. That includes leveraging merchandise from even small pop-up locations. Give online shoppers the flexibility to buy online and choose an in-store pickup location of their choice. If you need full featured order fulfillment, then OrderDynamics solution that delivers.


  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases store traffic
  • Expands item basket size
  • Drives more upsell opportunities

Ship from Store

Improve retail efficiency and drive faster deliveries. Do this by converting your brick and mortar stores into local distribution centers. Store and order fulfillment are about leveraging your merchandise intelligently. It’s about getting merchandise to customers fast, and efficiently. After an online purchases, intelligent order routing kicks in. Our advanced technology automatically routes purchases to your stores for efficient order fulfillment. Intelligent routing is based on each store’s capabilities, inventory reserves, and business rules configured to your needs. Leverage assets across your full business. It just makes sense. Use what you have, put your inventory where customers will see it (in-store), and ship-from-store where it is closest to your customers. It is order fulfillment the smart way.


  • Expedites delivery times
  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Minimizes markdowns & clearance
  • Eliminates out of stock scenarios


Ship-to-Store makes your order fulfillment one that pleases shoppers and engages your store resources. BOPIS lets you ship the right product, for an in-store pickup – fast. Whether sourced from the distribution center, 3PL, or other stores inventories, our advanced DOM speeds it to the pickup location.

But wait! The job’s not done. OrderDynamics also gives retailers communication flexibility. Let your customers know when the merchandise is ready for pickup. Better yet, do this on your shopper’s favorite communication method. Whether it’s email, text message, social DM, or voice, we have you covered. Ship to Store lets every store have every item that shoppers want. Even your pop-up store can carry your full inventory portfolio – virtually.


  • Uses internal delivery network and trucks
  • Reduces stagnant warehouse inventory
  • Gives you flexible order fulfillment for non-conventional products
  • Prevents oversold store inventory

Online Inventory Lookup

Online Inventory Lookup as part of the OrderDynamics Order Fulfillment Solution

Inventory visibility is your first step in your shopper’s buying journey. Don’t tell them about item availability in your stores, and you’ve lost the sale! Give your customers confidence. Let them know that their trip to your store will give them the items they crave.

Show real-time online views of your inventory levels right down the individual shelf level. Let them see it across any digital channel. When your customer wants what you have, show them! Feed the desire for instant gratification. Let them know exactly where to get it, right now.


  • Shows customers inventory details
  • Creates a sense of urgency – when merchandise levels are low
  • Avoids stock-outs and lost orders
  • Reduces markdown profit loss and clearance sales

Exceptional Customer Experience with Order Management

Customer Care

Multi-channel customer care with OrderDynamics Order Fulfillment Solution

Focus your commerce strategy on your customer’s experience. Promote repeat sales and loyalty by providing sophisticated customer service across all your retail channels. Give your customer service agents the right shopper details all from one place. They need to know about the order fulfillment status, if it was an in-store pickup, or if the item is coming back from a chronic returner.

Give your front line a smooth customer care tool. Transform call agents into customer knowledge workers who can focus on great customer service.


  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Provides deeper transaction and customer history details
  • Lets agents make smarter decisions to help shoppers
  • Gives associates full retail inventory visibility

Retail Verticals

Vertical DOM Solutions - for Click & Collect

Today, BOPIS is a critical part of modern retail. Its all about order fulfillment, the way the customer wants it. That means different needs for different retail verticals. OrderDynamics’ DOM caters to these nuances and needs. Click here to find the Vertical DOM capabilities that cater to your specific needs. Staying focused helps you drive sales and stay ahead of your competitors.


  • Configured DOM/OMS capabilities
  • Features specific to your retail sector
  • Improves customer satisfaction