Omni-Channel Retail Fulfillment
Solution Unleashed

Helping brands power exceptional omni-channel experiences by making the complex challenges of retail fulfillment – easy! Read further about the innovative OrderDynamics Retail Fulfillment Solution.

Click and Collect

In-Store Pickup

Get all the tools you need to support and manage complex order fulfillment solutions that keep customers happy. Use it to increase your cross channel sales, retail store foot traffic and customer loyalty. Make click and collect (in store pickup) a reality by using existing store level inventory to fill online orders. Give online shoppers the flexibility to buy online and choose a pickup location of their choice. OrderDynamics is the order fulfillment solution that truly delivers on the in-store pickup promise.


  • Instant customer satisfaction
  • Increased store traffic
  • More upsell opportunities
  • Efficient inventory utilization

Ship from Store

Make operations more efficient and provide faster delivery by converting your brick and mortar stores into localized distribution centers as your main online order fulfillment solution. Once your customers purchase online, their order passes through the intelligent order routing system. OrderDynamics’ then automatically routes orders for optimized store fulfillment, based on individual store level requirements, inventory reserves, and rules customized to your business needs.


  • Expedited delivery times
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Minimize markdowns & clearance
  • Eliminate out of stock scenarios

Ship to Store

Use Ship to Store fulfillment to automatically source available inventory after a customer makes an online purchase. OrderDynamics then ships it to their preferred pickup location and notifies them when it’s ready for pickup. Ship to Store gives you the flexibility to ship items to a store that does not necessarily carry those products on a regular basis.


  • Leverage internal delivery network and trucks
  • Use stagnant warehouse inventory
  • Offer a flexible order fulfillment solution for nonconventional products
  • Prevent overselling in store inventory
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Omni-Channel Delivery with Order Management

Online Inventory Lookup

Online Inventory Lookup as part of the OrderDynamics Order Fulfillment Solution

Give your customers confidence when they go to your stores. Give them online access to your inventory levels at a specific store location, and across all your digital channels.


  • Avoid losing orders because you are out of stock
  • Reduce profit loss to inventory markdowns and clearance

Multi-Channel Customer Care

Multi-channel customer care with OrderDynamics Order Fulfillment Solution

Center your omni-channel commerce strategy on the customer experience. Promote repeat sales and loyalty by providing sophisticated customer service across all your retail channels. Enable customer service agents from across your enterprise to transition from technical task workers to knowledge workers.