Fulfilling your customer orders. Delivering on your customer promises. Creating a positive shopping experience. These are the fundamentals where omnichannel order management services help retailers.

We pride ourselves on meeting these same criteria in our client engagements. It means helping merchants bring retail strategies to life; for today and tomorrow.

Omnichannel Order Management: Services At Heart

Omnichannel order management is only partially about the retail technology. As critical is the service promise made to the retailer. Our promise is to work harder, to make sure our clients have the best order management technology available to help their retail operations. Service means working in a true partnership. It’s about catering to a retailer’s true order fulfillment needs. But it goes beyond the technology and deployment. It is about working side-by-side with our clients. It is about being there with expert advice and help. It is about making your business mission our success.

It’s not about billable hours. It is about working to resolve some of our customers’ toughest challenges. We do it through innovation. We do it through an intensely customer oriented product direction. All this to provide the most advanced omnichannel order management technology on the market. 

Retail Expertise with Customer Engagement

Retail Expertise

Omnichannel order management is at the heart of modern retail. Our converged commerce technology merge the physical and digital commerce into a seamless shopping journey. Today’s shoppers simply expect it. With select partners, we successfully consult, advise, and deliver distributed order management (DOM) solutions around the world. Regardless of retail sector or technology, we are here to help.

Customer Engagement with Speed to Value

Speed to Value

Learning from previous deployments is the key here. With a network of expertise across various partnership, the growing knowledge base, each project builds on the last one. It is about creating a continual evolution. It is about helping retailers with workshops, best practices, standardized templates, and a clean development approach. Field tested practices across four continents means that a project quoted at less than 90 days to deploy… happens in less than 90 days. It means you are up, and operational faster, reaping the rewards of your omnichannel order management technology.

Customer Engagement Support


Powering Retail Fulfillment is our mission. Knowing that a DOM is mission critical to retailers, we developed highly comprehensive software to serve you. Experience it in the training, advice and guidance. Our aim is to ensure every operator can use the system thoroughly. Backed by solid SLAs, you can rest assured that your OrderDynamics system is ready to support your retail needs. Be it the mass scalability, continuous system monitoring, or policies and procedures audited for PCI and SOC compliance; we worry about them – so you don’t have to.

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Supporting Customer Engagement for OrderDynamics


When you have one exclusive focus, you have to get it right! That’s exactly our strategy. We are completely focused on omnichannel order management technology for retailers and brands.

That’s why we take customer engagement seriously. We don’t hide from our clients, after the order is signed! Instead, we take the time to work with our customers to make each project a personal one. In fact, we take pride in being accessible, responsive, transparent and passionate about our delivery. After all, delighting customer’s is what retail is all about!

Customer Engagement is about Being Agile


Deploying an OMS brings technical and organisational change. It’s about more than just getting another system deployed. It’s about being flexible. It’s about being agile both in development and in integrating a new technology into your existing systems.

To help clients ease into the journey, you can go fast in less than 90 days or do a phased implementation. It lets clients deploy and onboard associates at a manageable pace that suits your needs. Take on a section, let the organisation absorb it, then move up to the next level. Fast or phased, the choice is yours.

Innovative ideas from the Customer Engagement Model


Today’s retail means the need to constantly innovate! No merchant can afford to rely on static systems. Custom solutions run the risk of being obsolete before it is even deployed.

Wouldn’t you rather a welcoming and continuous open dialogue with your vendor? We welcome being challenged to extend the functionality of our OMS / DOM. In fact, our roadmap is guided by our customers from across retail sectors and across continents, matched with our intimate industry knowledge. Our focus and agility lets us to be creative in our approach to solving the hard problems. Benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas and approaches.

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Global Service Accountability

Global Capabilities

Sales don’t stop at the border, and neither should your business. You need a partner that offers deep global deployment experience. Experience that is native to the firm and localized through select partners around the world.

Our collaborative teams bring an unrivaled business understanding to our work. It’s about making an impact with the technical expertise to meeting your multinational objectives. Getting your system up and operational fast – is crucial. Beyond speed, it is also about having the experience to roll out your order fulfillment in any market you serve. Localized language. Multi-currency needs. Follow the Sun (24|7|365 day) support. For any market where you want to transact, OrderDynamics has you covered.

Collaborating on Customer Engagement Opportunities


Collaboration is an overused term in services. Yet it perfectly characterizes our approach with clients. We take to heart that we are here to solve important and difficult problems. Changes, new issues, and unexpected turns come up during the implementation phases. This is where a collaborative team is key. Customer engagement, finding solutions, and helping work through challenges with your team, is where we shine. When deploying your omnichannel order management solution, you’ll want a team that’s there to support you to make it work!

Focused on Customer Engagement Resolutions


Focus is one of our key attributes. Our development and roadmap are directed at making sure our DOM matches the needs of our customers. The SaaS platform ensures every customer benefits from each new development. One hundred percent of our resources are focused on developing and supporting omnichannel order management technology. This is unique in our industry. It means that all effort, insights, innovations and new methodologies make your retail OMS better and better.

Fast and cost effective, are top of mind with our teams. That means we are always striving to bring a extra value to our customers. DOM is just too critical a system to be secondary concern. You need a team that is fully focused on OMS technology, and which is fully committed That’s the OrderDynamics difference!