Solutions as a Service

OrderDynamics helps you fulfil your customer orders, deliver on your promise and create positive customer experiences. We pride ourselves on meeting those same criteria in our customer engagements. That means helping merchants bring winning omni-channel retail strategies to life, both for today and tomorrow.

Customer Engagement Taken To Heart

Services and customer engagement has to be more than just a promise. To us, service means working with retail clients in a true partnership. It means catering to a retailer’s true order fulfillment needs. But it goes beyond the technology and deployment. It is about working side-by-side with our clients, and being there with expert advice and help, to make your business mission a reality. Customer engagement means working through client challenges, collaboratively and with a focus on results, not billable hours. In fact, our customer’s challenges and suggestions drive some of our most important innovations and product direction. You have to be flexible and have an openly engaged service culture to make this true.

Be it our customer friendly cloud technology, timely and thoughtful deployment of your order fulfillment technology, or the fact that 50% of our future product roadmap is customer driven and directed; OrderDynamics is a team eager to help customers succeed. Advanced order management technology is only great when it is operating and used to drive business. That’s why we are so focused on helping our customers get their omni-channel operations running.

Retail Expertise with Customer Engagement

Retail Expertise

Order management is at the heart of modern retail. Omni-channel retail and unified commerce are merging the physical and digital into a seamless customer buying journey. Today’s shoppers simply expect this. Together with our select partners, OrderDynamics has successfully consulted, advised, and delivered distributed order management (DOM) solutions around the world, in various retail sectors and technical environments. Applying our deep retail expertise to order fulfillment and an excellent customer experience, is what it’s all about.

Customer Engagement with Speed to Value

Speed to Value

OrderDynamics and our network of partners have codified the expertise gained from client engagements and requests over time. These are continually evolving, and are structured into workshops, best practice templates and development processes. Our cloud based retail technology and proven methodologies are field tested standard practices. That gives us a high level of confidence that when we state a system will be operational within 90 days, we deliver. It means you are up, and operational faster, benefiting from a well grounded order fulfillment and omni-channel strategy. Putting it into practice fast is the key to retail success.

Customer Engagement Support


Recognizing that Powering Retail Fulfillment is mission critical, OrderDynamics clients know their DOM is backed by a support capability that is as comprehensive as the product. Experience it in the training, advice and guidance that ensures every user can utilize the system to best effect. Be reassured by the automated system scaling, the continuous system monitoring, and the policies and procedures that are audited for PCI and SOC compliance, all with the backing of a rigorous SLA. This rigor ensures every customer’s order management solution delivers as promised, every day.

Supporting Customer Engagement for OrderDynamics


When you are completely focused on innovating, supporting and delivering retail order management technology, you have got to get it right! We take customer engagement seriously. We don’t hide from our clients, after the order is signed! Instead, we take the time to work with our customers to make each project a personal one. At OrderDynamics we pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive, transparent and passionate about delivering on our commitments. To our staff, delighting our client is what customer engagement is all about!

Customer Engagement is about Being Agile


Deploying an order management system brings technical and organisational change. Customer engagement here is more than just about getting the system deployed. It is about being flexible and launching with agility. To help clients ease into the omni-channel journey, OrderDynamics can either go fast within 90 days or deploy the DOM one subset at a time. We call it the phased approach. It lets clients deploy and onboard their associates, at a manageable pace that suits their needs. Take on a section, let the organisation absorb it, then move up to the next level, when you are ready. A phased deployment provides flexibility, while giving a retailer’s staff the time to adapt with the new flow.

Innovative ideas from the Customer Engagement Model


Innovation is a constant in today’s retail. No merchant can afford to rely on a static system, that risks being obsolete before it is deployed. At OrderDynamics we welcome a continuous open dialogue with our customers. We welcome being challenged to extend the functionality in the systems we deploy. In fact, our roadmap is guided by our customers from across retail sectors and across countries, matched with our intimate industry knowledge. Our focus and agility allows us to be creative in our approach, which supports our philosophy of continuous improvement. Doing this ensures OrderDynamics Retailers benefit from the cross-pollination of inputs, ideas and new approaches. Through responsive customer engagement OrderDynamics supports clients at the leading edge of retail.

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Global Service Accountability

Global Capabilities

Sales don’t stop at the border, neither should your business. OrderDynamics offers deep global deployment experience. Experience that is native to our company and localized through a network of select partners around the world. Our collaborative teams bring unrivaled business understanding and technical expertise to meeting your multinational objectives. We know the importance of getting your system up and operational fast. Better yet, we can roll out your order fulfillment in any of the markets you serve, tailored to meet local language and currency needs. Directly and through partnerships, OrderDynamics’ support “follows the sun”. For any market in which you do business, OrderDynamics has you covered.

Collaborating on Customer Engagement Opportunities


Collaboration is an overused term in services, yet for the OrderDynamics team – it perfectly characterizes our approach with our clients. We take to heart that we are here to solve important problems, and that changes, new issues, and unexpected turns come up when a project implementation starts. This is where the OrderDynamics team shows that collaboration is the true heart of our service experience. Customer engagement, finding solutions, and helping work through challenges with your team, is where we shine. A thoughtful, seasoned, and reasonable approach is what our clients want and expect. That’s exactly what we pride ourselves on delivering.

Focused on Customer Engagement Resolutions


Focus is one of the key attributes of OrderDynamics. Our development and roadmap are directed at making sure our DOM matches the needs of our customers. The SaaS platform ensures every customer benefits from each new development. With 100% of our resources focused on DOM development means that unrivaled insights, innovations and methodologies are built into every release. Fast and cost effective, are top of mind with our development team, ensuring we always bring value to retailers. DOM is just too critical to retailers for it to be an vendor’s secondary focus. Retailers need order fulfillment experts that know their system and can configure it, even for the toughest requirements. That’s the heritage and commitment that OrderDynamics brings to retail.