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Retail is a tough business. It is hyper-competitive. The pace is fast. Customers are fickle. Margins are thin. Turnover is high. Then there is the continual need for revenue growth, cost cutting, and improving your customer satisfaction scores. Can you win, at retail?

YES you can! OrderDynamics helps retailers increase sales while cutting costs daily. The pivotal point is to shift to an Omni-Channel Retailing Strategy. That’s where we can help.

Talk with us about a short, tailored order management – OMS demo. It is quick. It is pressure free. It gives you a fast perspective on how an advanced retail OMS will help you succeed!

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Still Not Sure?

Don’t worry. There is no pressure, here. We are always working to educated the market about the power of good order management. We are not here to sell you on it. Rather we want to make sure it is the right fit for you. If it can help you, great. If it cannot, maybe we can suggest a solution that suits your needs. After all, we are only effective if you are. Easy to say, but we actually do it.

Retailers who benefit most from an OrderDynamics solution are medium to enterprise level chains. Most have an ecommerce platform, or plan to migrate to one. These retailers are also smart enough to know there are HUGE advantages to an out-of-the-box distributed order management (DOM) system. As us about it, we will be delighted to show you what we mean.

A quick order management demo shows you how to use the online world to direct more customers to your stores. More foot traffic, means more sales. We will also should you how easy it is to adjust, configure, or just change the system. NO CODING REQUIRED! Try changing a business rule, or business rule priority with a run of the mill platform OMS. You will quickly discover that those systems need a programmer, or consultant to do it for you. Hard-coded solutions are a bad thing when you are in retail, and you need changes – fast!

Our OMS demo shows you the benefits of dynamic inventory visibility, order orchestration, and in-store returns. But, there is also in-store auto-routing, and advanced functions like order consolidation, shipping rate brokering, and the dynamic order simulator.


OMS Demo Still Too Much?

No issues. But, we don’t want you to miss out on the most Advanced Out-of-the-Box DOM on the market.

If you are still too shy to speak with us, then at least take a quick look at our brochures. It might tell you what you need to know. Keep in mind that our solution gives you both the OMS / DOM technology and the Stores Application. Beyond the core DOM – Stores gives you in-store auto-routing capabilities, you just HAVE to see!


Click here to Read DOM / OMS Brochure

Click here to Read Stores Brochure


Want to chat, but still don’t know about an OMS demo? That’s OK too! Click here to Contact Us. We will be delighted to answer any questions. If it helps your retail operation, then we want to help you.


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OrderDynamics provides solutions for retailers with deep multi-channel capabilities and functionality, setting them apart from other mass-market order management tools that cater to web-only and catalog retailers.

Tony Holbrook
Manager of eCommerce, JYSK Canada

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