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OrderDynamics is helping retailers generate more profit in a highly dynamic and evolving market. We help clients with a critical part of their Omni-Channel Retail Strategy, being Retail Fulfillment. In fact, Retail Fulfillment is what we do best. Find out how an order management system can significantly improve your customer experience, drive performance across channels and let you take profitable action on your data.

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Don’t worry. There is no pressure to buy. We are more interested in making sure that you have a system that will help grow your business. If an OrderDynamics system isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you. After all, we are only effective if you are.

OrderDynamics helps retailers expand their options using omni-channel retail. See how the world’s most advanced, out-of-the-box distributed order management system (DOM), can help you. As an example, the OMS demo shows you how to use the online world to direct more customer traffic to your stores. It gives you more opportunities to entice a customer to add to their basket of goods, provide valuable services, and even upsell shoppers. A good omni-channel strategy starts with a robust DOM to orchestrate your fulfillment.

Maybe you would like the OMS demo to show how OrderDynamics provides online inventory visibility. In today’s online world, if a consumer doesn’t see the inventory, then it simply doesn’t exist. They won’t order it from you. But, they will buy it from your competitor who IS showing where they can pick it up, right now.

How about Order Routing? Do you have this capability today? If so, are you sure your system is optimizing to reduce slow moving SKU’s across your network of stores? How about order consolidations, to make sure you aren’t shipping multiple boxes of goods for every order? Alternatively, are you able to change your business rules on the fly – without an expensive consultant to code it? Can you tell your system to minimize shipping costs, and order splitting? Ask for the demo, to see how it’s done with ease.

Retail fulfillment is a critical part of any client’s Omni-Channel Retail Strategy. It is exactly what a robust DOM offers. Doing it effectively and efficiently can make the difference between making a profit or losing your shirt. In fact, Retail Fulfillment is what we do best. Take a no pressure look at a world class, best-of-breed solution, that every mid to large retailer, needs!

Take a quick peek at how an OrderDynamics’ solution can help solve your retail business challenges. It’s easy. Just request a brief OMS demo, above. We will connect with you, recommend a time, and answer many of your toughest questions in retail fulfillment.

After all, Powering Retail Fulfillment is what OrderDynamics is all about.


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OrderDynamics provides solutions for retailers with deep multi-channel capabilities and functionality, setting them apart from other mass-market order management tools that cater to web-only and catalog retailers.

Tony Holbrook
Manager of eCommerce, JYSK Canada

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