Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Our online order management technology helps retailers and brands connect digital commerce to physical stores. Give shoppers a real-time view of inventory. Optimize order fulfillment routes. Minimize shipping costs. Manage in-store returns. Solid integration connects your retail systems, simplifying order fulfillment. OrderDynamics Distributed Order Management (DOM) optimizes your retail fulfillment.

Order Management

Distributed Order Management (DOM) that employs a flexible, intelligent approach to processing and routing orders across your retail network. OrderDynamics’s native web based (SaaS) platform simplifies managing the entire order lifecycle. From initial acquisition to final fulfillment, OrderDynamics has it covered.

Distributed Order Management (DOM) Configuration Screens for OrderDynamics

Accurate Order Processing

Orchestrate your omni-channel orders through a comprehensive, and flexible processing workflow. Use the workflow that lets users capture payments, invoice, run tax calculations, split shipments, provide customer notifications, and much more. OrderDynamics removes the complexity of managing special order types, such as pre orders, drop shipments, and subscription recurring orders.

Scalable Multi-Tenant SaaS

Start using the power, and scalable flexibility of a true multi-tenant SaaS, Distributed Order Management (DOM) System. As a native cloud-based technology, OrderDynamics’ DOM rolls out six (6) system updates per year. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, you know you are getting fast scalability, and capacity on demand. With full continual automated backups, and full PCI DSS 3.2 and SOC2 security compliance, you can rest assured. Your will always be ready when your shoppers are.

Flexible Rules Configuration

With rapidly changing customer and market conditions, flexibility is king. OrderDynamics provides a user driven platform designed for quick and continuous configuration across the board. Use trigger events and integrations based on changes in orders, to optimize your routing choices. From fraud rules to tax rate calculations to shipping methods, gain control over how orders are managed and fulfilled right at your fingertips.

Inventory Visibility

Simplify your process of connecting global demand to your cross channel supply. Start growing your omni-channel revenue. Reduce your risk of stock outs. Leverage all your inventory, at any given moment with the right distributed order management solution.

Inventory Visibility is critical to distributed order management (DOM) systems.

Real-Time Inventory

Get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet customers’ promised delivery dates. Make smarter fulfillment decisions and use stock from the most cost effective locations by unifying different inventory pools across multiple channels.

Dynamic Stock Allocation

OrderDynamics retail customers use a world-class, unique and dynamic safety stock engine. It lets users determine specific inventory availability levels across their network, on a store by store basis. Create new stock rules on the fly, and feed availability levels in real-time to any channel.

Inventory Virtualization

Pool your inventory from various locations, into one view, to get the right perspective. Choose the right level of safety stock for your retail business. Then expose only the inventory that makes sense.

Refer to the Inventory Visibility datasheet for details.

Order Routing

Order routing is the core of any order management system. Intelligent Order Routing is the distinction of advanced Distributed Order Management technology. Here the intelligence of an OrderDynamics DOM lets retailers optimize and prioritize routes to minimize shipping costs for online and pickup orders. Yet, even with a highly sophisticated routing engine, you still get full audit trail details, to fully understand which business rules trigger different routing choices. All this with NO need to write a single line of code.

Distributed Order Management Order Routing is Key

Intelligent Order Routing

Focus more of your time on building business rules that count toward growing your operation; not on technical coding details. Intelligent order routing lets you configure your routing rules by territory, by channel, by customer, or even by SKU. Tell the DOM the conditions, how to react, and the priority importance – then let the system do the hard work for you. OrderDynamics gives you prioritized condition setting, rule flexibility beyond preset conditions, triple prioritization for optimal results, easy condition setting, and intelligent actions like ‘Deplete inventory from highest stock locations.’

Order Consolidation

Make the most of your low inventory counts in stores. Order Consolidation eliminates the multiple shipments for a single order, which plagues most ship-from-store systems today, on multi-item purchases. Instead, use your inexpensive inter-store transfers to bring the merchandise to fulfill an order into one location. Dramatically improve customer satisfaction, reduce shipping costs, minimize your environmental impact, and protect your brand reputation giving your customers the full order they expected, in one box.
For more on Retail Order Consolidations review this helpful brief.

Shipping-Rate Brokering

Grow your margins and bottom line with a DOM that not only optimizes routes, but also finds the lowest cost shipping rates for every order. Choose your preferred shippers, for your shipping locations, then let the OrderDynamics DOM do its work, to keep more margin in your profit center.

Read our Retail Order Routing datasheet for more details.

Powerful Analytics

Modern retail is about using data and analytics to continually improve your business. Be it better use of staff resources, improving inventory locations, optimizing business rules, or gaining insights into growing order patterns; analytics are key. It’s why OrderDynamics’ includes comprehensive analytics and the dynamic order simulator with our distributed order management solutions.

Business Analytics for distributed order management

Power BI

Use Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) for standard or custom reporting and dashboards. Create rich visualization of all order management data and metrics like order to shipment ratios, order shipping times, in-store pickup growth, returns frequency by location, and so on. Transform your complex retail data into business insights to improve your business and bottom line.

Dynamic Order Simulator

Don’t guess at which routing rules are best for your chain. Using your own historic order patterns and customer data, run combinations of order routing and business rules to truly optimize your retail operation. The distributed order management technology optimizes at the orders, routing, and shipping level. Then use the dynamic order simulator to gain detailed insights into your business, letting you optimize the overall chain at a strategic level.

Machine Learning Future

Powerful tools like a solid business intelligence engine and dynamic order simulator lead to the next phase of optimization; machine learning. Unlike today’s near ‘magical’ claims of artificial intelligence (AI), the OrderDynamics DOM will deploy machine learning with proven simulator technology to optimize at both strategic and tactical levels. But, done in a highly trackable, audited, and understandable environment. Full transparency, with applied distributed order management intelligence.


Exceptional Customer Experience with Order Management

Store Fulfillment

Keep your promises to customers and support faster delivery by transforming your stores into localized distribution centers. With our easy to use product fulfillment application, store associates efficiently and accurately fulfill all types of omni-channel orders.

Store Fulfillment with OrderDynamics Distributed Order Management

Associate Fulfillment Workflows

Fulfillment dashboards are optimized to let retail associates complete and deliver any type of customer order. This is important for retailers running complex omni-channel product fulfillment strategies such as:

  • Buy Online
  • Pick up in Store
  • Ship from Store
  • Ship to Store

Invoice and Shipping Label Printing

Store associates can print customer invoices, pick and pack slips that enable rapid and accurate picking with product SKUs and images. Include return labels to the customer invoice. The distributed order management system is also fully integrated with major global shipping carriers to quickly generate and print shipping labels, manifests with the carrier, and provide customers with updated tracking numbers.

Remedial Routing Actions

Associates unable to complete and have a transaction delivered can reject and reroute orders. Orders can be automatically rerouted to another store for product fulfillment, for example. Distributed order management at the click of a drop-down menu. Intuitive, quick to learn, and easy to use by in-store associates. All keys to making your omni-channel strategy work at the store level, with impact.

Customer Service

Personalized and consistent shopping experiences, every time. With a robust set of customer service tools at your fingertips, drive increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Order Management Customer Services Desk

Intuitive Call Center Interface

Gain a single view of your customer’s purchase history with our native Customer Relations Management (CRM) system. Capture orders while engaging with your customers. Get a 360 degree view of that shopper’s details easily, quickly and all at your fingertips.

Full Returns Management

Accept receipt-free returns. Track fulfillment mismatches. Bring in a return or exchange, and re-inventory it in real-time. Just in time to re-shelf the merchandise for resale. Seamlessly manage stock reallocation, email notifications, payment refund, financial reconciliation, and customer profile updating.

Case Ticket Management

Track and manage all inbound customer emails and phone calls with our efficient case ticket management system. Delegate customer requests to service agents and configure personalized email response templates for quick responses.

Download our Returns Management datasheet for a full description.

Global Ready

Our global platform provides you with a rich suite of backend functions to support and manage your international retail expansion. With 24-7-365 support, and partnerships around the world, multinational retailers and brands are covered. Anywhere you have a location, store or presence, we are ready to support you.

distributed order management which is Global Ready

Multi-Currency and Global Pricing

Don’t let systems become a boundary to pushing your retail offering world wide. OrderDynamics enables a multi-currency environment with control over payment gateways per territory, including all appropriate local payment methods.

International Taxes and Payments

Handling and processing international payments and taxes are simple with OrderDynamics. Our global payment and tax module accounts for almost every tax jurisdiction around the world while providing real time tax calculations for the local customer, such as inclusive tax pricing.

Multi-Lingual and Culture

Your business doesn’t stop at the border. Neither does OrderDynamics. Our global cultures module adjusts to reflect the minor subtleties of regional language differences. It adapts to your associates and customers by localizing key terms and phrases. Growing your business in Asia? No problem with full double byte character support for Chinese, Korean and Japanese displays. Robust, global features for a reliable distributed order management solution that helps your business grow internationally.