How to Win at Omnichannel Retail?
Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Win at Omnichannel Retail?

It has been a bumpy road for the retail industry the last couple of years. Currently, it is almost impossible to go through your news stream without seeing that another retail company is closing stores or reporting a bankruptcy. So, does that mean it is a good idea to only focus on the digital worlds when it comes to retail? Or, is your alternative to leverage your advantages, and make every effort to win at omnichannel retail?

In fact, a number of big retailers like Kohl’s and J.C Penney have shown that physical retail stores not only bring in additional revenue but also augment online revenue streams. Then how can you get ahead in the race of omnichannel retail, making it a high-profit year?

Making the Most of Your Retail Resources

A big part of staying ahead and being able to win at omnichannel is making the most of what you have. Yes, for most retailers this refers to their physical brick and mortar stores. But just having physical stores is not enough. Stores need to be run as efficiently and effectively as possible. It means driving foot traffic. It means leveraging in-store inventories. It means offering customers a great and seamless brand experience. Ultimately, you need to leverage every angle possible. And to do that, you need a robust SaaS-based order management system. A fact that most of your competitors agree with. So much so, that 78% of retailers believe that an order management system will give them a strategic omnichannel advantage.

Check out the below infographic showing some of the important statistics about SaaS-based Order Management Systems (OMS). You will see how important order management is to ensure that retailers win at omnichannel retail. Simply put, without an OMS you are not even in the race. And without a robust solution you will fall further and further behind.

The Omnichannel Race: OMS is the Heart of Robust Omnichannel


How to Win at Omnichannel Retail?




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