How to truly differentiate Retail Buying Journeys
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Truly Differentiate Retail Buying Journeys

Imagine for a moment receiving a highly personalized email about a new pair of jeans to replace your favorite old faithful. It arrived right when you need it. They have it in exactly your size too. Surprising because your exact fit is just not that common. You click through to the website, see the pair you want, and it offers up free shipping on your order today, or better yet suggests several stores near you with inventory of your size in those locations. As you are browsing, a chat window pops up to mention that they have only 2 pair left of your specific size, enticing you to lock in your pair now. Then, it mentions that by adding a popular new pair of shoes, you will get you a bonus stylishly matching belt, at no additional cost. It makes sense, and you like the deal. Making retail great all comes down to easy and hlepful retail buying journeys!

The chat session was particularly helpful. Although you only intended to purchase a new pair of jeans, you are quite pleased with the idea of deal. You asked a few questions, had them answered quickly, and were pleased with the timely and helpful response. Even more helpful is that you have options. Yes, you could buy online and get it delivered. However, since that might take a few days and arrive ata time out of your control, it was nice to have the option of just picking it up yourself. And then there is the hassle of having to return the items if the fit or look isn’t just right. Liking that pickup option even more…

And… I Want it Now Predictive customer personalization marketing makes your customer messages more relevant

No issue. Your chat window suggests buying it now and picking up your purchase in-store. And yes, both the free shipping option, and in-store pickup options were mentioned at the top of the website. It is nice to have the choice. As you place the items into your cart, you also find the real-time information about which store near you has the different items in stock. Hmmm. Only two pair of your sized jeans at the West-Mall store, and uh-oooh – only one pair of the shoes in your size. You lock it in with a purchase, for a pickup later today.

Oh, and cool, it will even notify you by a text message, voice, email, Twitter DM or Snapchat. Your choice! Perfect, because you have been using Snapchat. Within half an hour you have the confirmation, and a few hours later you have tried on the shoes, belt and jeans for a perfect fit. Ready to seize the day.


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Can’t Customers Do This Today?

Yes, this story is possible today. Predictive personalized marketing makes your customer messages more relevant. It increases the likelihood that a customer will pay attention to your message, standing above the sea of noise. It can increase conversion by as much as 75%. In fact, Gartner’s 2016 CMO Spend Survey calls out that “Organizations that apply data-driven personalization techniques will outsell those that don’t by 20%.

Leapfrog competitors by offering truly unique customer engaging retail buying journeysOn the fulfillment end, the first key step in great retail buying journeys is to show customers detailed, store level inventory visibility. Not earth shaking news. Yet only 7.3% of US retailers show real time, detailed inventory information at the store level, according to the recently published Retail Omni-1000 Research. For a shopper prepared to go to the store to pickup an item, this is what counts! They want it now, so don’t make them wait – and don’t make them guess. You want to fulfill your customer’s purchase desires, and it start by showing them what merchandise you have and where.

Despite the fact that retail is a hypercompetitive landscape, only 29.1% of US retailers and 23.5% of Canadian retailers offer these types of omni-channel services today. The prime example being the capability to do in-store merchandise pickups. As retailers it means there is a serious opportunity to leapfrog the competitors by offering a truly unique, engaging retail buying journeys – today. Not only is there an opportunity in the omni-channel retailing offer, but one with predictive intelligence behind the B2C marketing, and chat engagement throughout the purchase.

Retail’s Future = Now

Now imagine being the only retailer pro-active enough, and advanced enough to offer this unique journey. Offering the right information to your shopper, at the right time, and letting them make their purchases anyway they want (online, in-store, on mobile, in marketplaces, or through voice-commerce). Better yet, what about adding helpful tips, offers and value along that customer’s buying path in a highly personalized way. Now imagine that you can offer this to your customers, today.

This imagined future is already here. Speak with [24] and OrderDynamics about how we can bring this to life to strengthen your retail revenue. The path to retail success is about the making retail buying journeys smooth and enjoyable experiences. Leap ahead of the competition and offer your customers this unique, personalized purchasing journey.



Charles Dimov - Director Marketing OrderDynamicsCharles Dimov is Director of Marketing at OrderDynamics. Charles has 21+ years experience in Marketing, Sales and Management across various IT and Technology businesses. Previous roles include Chief of Staff, Director Product Marketing, and Director Sales. Charles has held roles in brand name firms like IBM, Ericsson, HP, ADP, and OrderDynamics.





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