SaaS is the De Facto Retail OMS
Thursday, October 27, 2016

SaaS is the De Facto Retail OMS

When thinking about today’s de facto retail OMS standard – it is easy to lapse into the historic perspective of needing servers, software, and support IT. However, not only did Forrester find a major trend in the retail omnichannel space, but they view it as a default for modern businesses. That default is that the de facto retail OMS standard is a SaaS based platform.

Benefits from a SaaS-based platform are many. There is a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), when considering the capital, operational and incidental costs of running a powerful order management system. These costs can include racks of servers, overprovisioning for peak capacity, software licensing, operating system fees, diagnostic & security tools, staff to maintain the hardware and software, specialists to install, recalibrateDe Facto Retail OMS - 30% of organizations are planning to switch to SaaS within the next 2 years. and adjust the OMS, electricity, floor space, costs for broken parts, and so on. Based on TCO alone, it is easy to understand why so many retailers are only considering SaaS-based systems.

More so, over 30% of medium to large organizations are considering a switch to SaaS-based OMS solutions within the next 2 years.  Make sure you understand their reasons. When a SaaS-based platform is the de facto retail OMS standard, you don’t want to be the only one opting for an old model purchase and licensing model.


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Win with Today’s Customers Infographic

To help you keep a few key statistics in mind in your consideration, check out the following infographic. This visual guide is based on Forrester research commissioned by OrderDynamics. It highlights key aspects you will want to think over. It will help with your own retail choice, and with explaining the benefits to your organization.

Order management is a mission-critical element to making your omni-channel strategy a success. Getting the platform right is a critical first step. Choosing the de facto retail OMS standard makes it a solid first step.


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SaaS is the Default OMS Approach to Win with Today's Customers