Retail Infographic: Best-of-Breed vs Software Suite
Thursday, March 9, 2017

Retail Infographic: Best-of-Breed vs Software Suite

It’s tempting! You see a slick interface. Vendor salesperson pitches you on how great it is that it all works together seamlessly. No more need to learn multiple different interfaces. It’s all in one single uniform, enormous software suite that does EVERYTHING! Wow.

But wait, despite the slick mesmerizing interface, is this really your best option? Do you really need your accounting team to have the same look and feel as your retail sales team? Will this make your teams any more productive, drive down shipping costs, boost inventory turn velocity, bring more in-store foot traffic, or increases sales? When you scratch the surface, is the software suite using best-of-breed technology to give you the same benefits as that from a more focused solution? In the case of mission critical systems like order management, can it handle your order capacity? Equally important, can it handle your peak – Black Friday order capacity, when needed on short order? … Or, are you getting the cool interface at the cost of your business and functional needs?

More than I really needed…

Remember that many software suite vendors have a vested interest in selling the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, with every possible module included. Sometimes, that happens push happens whether the customer needs the module or not!

For most retailers, all possible modules of an enormous ERP solution can simply be too much. Also, don’t lose sight of how long an all-encompassing system could take to implement, integrate into your existing systems, and on which to train your employees. When you are buying an all inclusive solution, are you getting what you really need? Are you paying for modules and functional areas that your business really does NOT need, and might never use?

These questions are some that our infographic and associated whitepaper, investigate. Below you will find an infographic to help you decide. Will your needs be met with a simpler software suite solution, or do you need the deep functionality and robust capabilities of a focused best-of-breed retail system? This retail infographic breaks out key aspects and gives you a four-point model. The four-point model helps you choose when a simpler suite will suffice, or when you need the depth of a best-of-breed solution.

We hope it helps in your decision-making process.

For more depth, make sure to take a look at the associated whitepaper which highlights how other CIO’s choose their systems, and a helpful checklist to help your retail business.

To download the retail infographic, please click here for the PDF version.


Best of Breed vs Software Suite Infographic



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