Use Psychology to Influence Buyers
Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Use Psychology to Influence Buyers

What goes into a person’s decision to make a purchase? Some people might assume that it’s simply about whether or not you can afford it. Others may think that you have an immediate need—say, you’re out of milk—and so you must make a purchase. But to influence buyers there are actually some psychological factors that come into play.

Purchase decisions are actually an interplay of motivation and need: The more you need it (that milk), the more motivated you are to buy it (even at the gas station). That’s why if you’re trying to persuade someone to make a purchase decision for something else that’s less about need, you must appeal to other emotional and psychological factors, including their ego and the perceived value that will be transmitted once they make that purchase. What else can you learn in order to make the sale? This graphic from Salesforce explains it.


How to Use Psychology to Predict Your Buyer’s Behaviours

Via Salesforce



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