New Shipping Rate Brokering Helps Retailers Recoup Margins Lost to Free Shipping

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New Shipping Rate Brokering Helps Retailers Recoup Margins Lost to Free Shipping

Nov 15, 2017 (Toronto) – OrderDynamics, today announced Shipping Rate Brokering (SRB) as a new Order Management System (OMS) capability that will significantly improve merchants’ retail margins. Free shipping is a necessity to attract customers today, online. It is a cost of doing business that the new OrderDynamics feature will help minimize. Shipping Rate Brokering evaluates all associated real-time carrier rates, based on both price and timing, to meet the location and shipping data requirements. Once it finds all the shippers that can meet the minimum requirement, SRB selects the least expensive rate from the retailers preferred vendor list.  It is a simple way to let the OrderDynamics system check for the retailer’s least costly option, on every single order shipped. Best of all, this feature is included with OrderDynamics base solution. There are no additional fees, costs, or connections.

Whether shipping from a centralized warehouse, or using more advanced capabilities like ship-from-store, Shipping Rate Brokering automatically works to reduce your shipment costs.

Shipping Rate Brokering helps retailers fulfill promises to their  customers in the most efficient manner possible. Better yet, it gives retailers the flexibility of not having to lock in with only one carrier. The system can choose between the courier that suits each specific order.

OrderDynamics estimates that a typical retailer will save up to 6.25% per order. Considering the large and growing volume of online orders, and ship-from-store requests, 6.25% stacks up quickly to make a major impact on a retailer’s bottom line. Imagine that the competitor had this feature, and your retail chain did not. Wouldn’t you want this capability to make your retailing more profitable?

Read the Shipping Rate Brokering Brief for more info.

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