OrderDynamics Announces Major Order Consolidation Capability that Could Change Retail

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

OrderDynamics Announces Major Order Consolidation Capability that Could Change Retail

Sept 6, 2017 – Today, OrderDynamics announced a significant feature that will dramatically improve and correct a challenge with most retail order management systems attempting to complete ship-from-store order fulfillments. OrderDynamics will roll out the new Retail Order Consolidation feature as a standard part of the advanced Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution. This new capability addresses the dreaded single order, multi-shipment scenario that frustrates many retailers.

Retail customers don’t want to be getting multiple shipments for the same order! OrderDynamics clients now have the option of consolidating the entire order placed by a customer to ship from one store or location. This ships the entire order as one unit, saving shipping costs, reducing the negative impacts of excessive packaging, and improving customer satisfaction. With a growing concern among consumers about retail’s impact on the environment, using order consolidation sends a clear signal to shoppers. Brands using consolidation are doing their part to help reduce waste, and their impact on the environment by reduced shipping emissions, and reduced packaging materials for each order. Each step provides one more reason for improved customer satisfaction, and increased brand loyalty.

From a retailer’s perspective this is a significant potential cost saving. It reduces the shipping fees incurred on the last-mile. Retailers currently executing on ship-from-store omni-channel services, are already experiencing high shipment to order ratios. Retail environments like these will benefit greatly from OrderDynamics’ Order Consolidation capability.

Order Consolidation should not to be confused with a Minimize Shipments function, which continues to be an important function in the OrderDynamics DOM. Both functions serve important roles, but each have different purposes. A Minimize Shipments function finds a retail location that already contains all or most of the inventory requested by a customer. Retail Order Consolidation brings all of the products requested for an order to one central location, regardless of which location has the most inventory. This allows retailers to leverage all merchandise stock found even in smaller locations and even popup stores. For maximum business flexibility, retailers need access to both functions . Either way, OrderDynamics’s advanced distributed order management technology offers both features to retailers: it provides cost savings, enhances client experiences, avoids embarrassing social posts from customer upset about excess shipping and packaging, and provides an opportunity for retailers to reduce their carbon footprint.

For more information about Retail Order Consolidation read our helpful brief.

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