Pick Up In Store - We are NOT there yet!
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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Pick Up In Store – We Are NOT There Yet!

Forbes recently published an article about the frustrations customers are experiencing when shopping online.  Most of the article focuses on the lack of payment options available to shoppers. It cites:

  • 16% cart abandonment due to lack of payment options,
  • 26% of shoppers were frustrated at few payment options (paypal, credit, debit, financing options…), and
  • 15% of shoppers will simply give up due to the lack of payment alternatives.16% of shoppers cited lack of payment options as the reason for their cart abandonment.

Frustrated? Check Pick Up In Store Options!

If online payment options and lack of flexibility frustrate your customers, then what will happen when they try to do an online purchase for pick up in-store? This service is often called click and collect, grab and go, pay and pickup, or in-store pickup.

By just looking at a few retail eCommerce sites, you will notice that most have online purchase options. Also, most offer free shipping once your basket size hits a certain dollar value. However, of those which offer the option of picking up the item in-store, there are almost never options or alternatives. Even checking sites in the UK, there are not many options.

What Pick Up In Store Options Are Available?

To truly provide convenience to a customer, retailers could offer:

  • Buy online pick up in store (this is the most common),
  • Pick up at locker
  • Curb side pickup (some shopping malls like SmartCentres offer this)
  • Post office or courier office pickup
  • Pick up at sister brand / company locations
  • Parcel pick up from other locations (corner stores, coffee/tea shops, etc)

These are just a few ideas to throw around as options.


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Industry Is Still New To Click And Collect

Even in the reported "most advanced" retail market (UK), click and collect options are limited.It is true that the buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) or click and collect service is still quite new to the retail industry in most countries. Yes, as an industry we have been talking about it for quite some time. It also does not help that several vendors are desperately trying to change story to discussing “unified commerce” … which is basically the other side of the “omni-channel retail” coin. There have been countless seminars, webinars, breakout sessions, and conference discussions about the topic. However, in practice it is still an emerging service that you can only really get with the support of a robust order management system – which amazingly, most retailers still don’t have. Stranger yet is that many retailers ‘think’ they have one, but scratch the surface and you will quickly find the reality. After all, some spreadsheet principles are evident in an abacus. Yet it is clear to most that an abacus is definitely NOT Excel.

Growing Hope

Even in the reported “most advanced” retail market (UK), click and collect / pickup in-store options are limited. On my short random-walk journey, I found two brands that offered two pickup options. Don’t customers want and deserve more flexibility? Despite the signs of life, there is ample room for growth, here too.

Today, customers are frustrated with the lack of payment options for their online transactions. As more customers come to find out about the instant gratification they can get from in-store pickups, that frustration will soon focus on click and collect options.

Retailers get ready. Start finding your vendors of choice for a good retail order management system, that will support advanced capabilities and the features customers are growing to expect. It will mean the difference between giving shoppers the options they want, or being among the frustrators. Which do you want to represent your retail brand?



Charles Dimov - Director Marketing OrderDynamics

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