Photos of NRF 2019
Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Photos of NRF 2019

Retail’s Big Show is always a fun and exhausting time. There is so much to do and see. Just catching all the talks can have you scurrying from one stage to another. From one big exhibit hall to the next one. Then, there are all the vendors’ booths with new, innovative and exciting developments, technologies, and systems to help your retail business. Not to mention all the evening venues, tours and parties. And of course, let’s not forget about all the photos of NRF 2019!

About the Photos of NRF 2019

By no means are the photos that we took exhaustively, but we thought we would share some of the better photos of NRF 2019 that we captured at the show. It is always interesting to see photos of the venue, the setup, and a few of New York City (of course). Then, let’s don’t forget about the people, the opening nights, the robots, the demos, and some of the tours.

Proviso and Invitation

Don’t be offended if you are in one of the photos. These were taken in public venues. But, if you are troubled by a photo – please, let us know and we will take down or adapt the photo. If you have photos of NRF 2019 that you would like to share, reach out to us with an email at We are willing to add them to our humble collection.

Using Photos of NRF 2019

Naturally, these are amateur photos of NRF 2019 that we want to share with the retail community. If you like one of the pictures and would like to use it, please feel free to do so. We only request that you add a small note about ‘Photo: OrderDynamics’, or ‘Source: OrderDynamics’. If there is a photo that you like and would like a higher resolution version – ask us. If we have a better copy, we will send it to you.

NRF 2019

We loved being at NRF 2019. It was fun to meet all the retailers, vendors and consultants. It was great to learn about all the areas of growth and development in retail – and among 3PL’s. But, if you missed us, that’s not an issue. Please, send us a note. We are happy to discuss any order management system (OMS / DOM), warehouse management system (WMS), demand planning, or other needs you may have. Contact us for a quick, pressure-free chat about your needs.

Enjoy the photos below!

Javits Center in New York

NRF 2019

NYC City

NRF 2019 Conferences

NRF 2019 Conferences

PCMS smart phone

OrderDynamics and Episerver teams

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