Order Management Quality Assurance: It's Critical and Not As Common as you Think
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Order Management Quality Assurance: It’s Critical and Not as Common as You Might Think

How important is quality assurance to your Distributed Order Management System (DOM / OMS)? As the single system for managing all aspects of your omni-channel business your OMS must be reliable, accurate and accountable. Order Management quality assurance involves examining the entire development process to deliver a working OMS to you. Moreover, it is an ongoing commitment to prevent any future errors on that system.

But the standards for QA on all OMS solutions are not equal.

Here are some QA questions and answers to ensure the safety and responsibility of your omni-channel retail business:

Quality Assurance Q&A

Is your Order Management System a single software solution with continual QA controls and checks?

Quality Assurance vs. Simple Testing Simple testing is easy – a provider delivers a product that works to the customers. This level of quality does not account for any future problems the product may encounter – including security. Quality assurance is a much more complex, in-depth program that involves testing on both the product and the processes involved. This program actively measures the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of the system, including current state and future probabilities.

Distributed Order Management Quality Assurance is not a test once and done type of thing. In fact, ongoing testing and measurement of the solution during development and throughout the lifecycle of that solution, through updates and new version releases is essential. Being able to depend on your provider to run QA testing on your system takes the pressure off your own internal IT teams. This ensures you, the retailer, can have peace of mind.

Does a dedicated team of QA professionals conduct the Order Management Quality Assurance? Are there specialists within your QA department that contribute additional expertise to the quality of the system?

It takes a village to raise a superior quality assurance program. After all, quality assurance is a methodology that extends from development to implementation to maintenance. An OMS provider requires staff who are committed and specialized along each step of the process. It is not enough to have one qualified QA specialist. All in all, today’s omni-channel retail world demands a more advanced team that can ensure the complexity of the OMS, along with the customer business, is safe.

“There is a significant level of pride in the QA department at OrderDynamics. An intensive interview process ensured that each of us had significant work experience, knowledge, a keen eye for details, intuitive insight, excellent comprehension, and the capability to go above and beyond deliverable expectations. This has gained our company a profound reputation with our clients and propels us to continue this tradition of excellence in QA.”

Jennifer Luu, QA Analyst, Platform Team, OrderDynamics


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Are there a variety of tests done on every release and update to your OMS?

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In short, functional, regression, automation and performance are some testing methods that should be a part of standard QA operating procedures for all software. This testing must be executed prior to implementation of any system to the customer. Equally important it must also be consistently completed to ensure performance levels are maintained.

What metrics does your vendor use to gauge QA?

It is not enough to assume your OMS is doing a good job and that testing is being done. Hard data drives omni-channel retail. Therefore, the order management quality assurance must provide an OMS that lives up to the standards of intense and frequent data collection. For example, OrderDynamics is proud to report a regression rate of less than 3%. Add to this a re-open rate of less than 5% (better than industry standards). These metrics complement additional testing done to achieve high productivity and efficiency while working with the latest tools to ensure OrderDynamics is in lockstep with the industry’s best standards.

QA – a Mission, Not Just a Department

Does quality permeate all aspects of the company providing your OMS?Real-world example: what happens without QA? Refresh malfunction costs Starbucks venti losses In April 2015, Starbucks suffered a register malfunction. According to the company, it was caused by an 'internal failure' during a routine software refresh. This resulted in 60% of stores in the US and Canada being forced to close. The affected stores were unable to process payment transactions and at one point many stores were giving coffee away for free.

As a matter of fact, quality is not only an important aspect of order management systems. With the rise of SaaS, customers are placing increasing amounts of their business in the hands of providers. Equally, providers understand that competition has never been fiercer. Not only do customers expect products that work well, they are looking for providers who can implement with a premium level of on-going service.

Your retail business deserves a company that places quality at the heart of their product team. It’s not just about having a QA department. Moreover, they have to work to make it a priority for every employee.

To choose an OMS for your retail operation begins and ends with understanding how the solution can provide value for your business. Order Management Quality Assurance is a vital part of ensuring the protection of your software and your business as a whole.

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Fawad QureshiFawad Qureshi is the Manager of Quality Assurance at OrderDynamics. Fawad graduated from the University of Toronto with a Hons. BSc majoring in Computer Science and Human Biology. Previous roles include QA Lead, Lead Quality Architect and Automation Specialist. Fawad currently holds a CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst) certification and is also working towards CMSQ (Certified Manager of Software Quality) certification.