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Monday, January 14, 2019

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NRF 2019: It’s About The Shopper’s Experience

If the International day was any indicator, the rest of the show will be busy! Day one is done. And, if you were at the show and you are not exhausted … you weren’t there. This year seemed harder to pin a particular natural theme to the show. However, NRF 2019 seems to be about the ‘Shopper’s Experience’.


Start of International Day

After a great international soiree, it was nice to meet so many retailers for business discussions. Retail is alive and well around the world. As my friend Steve Dennis famously put it, “physical retail isn’t dying, boring retail is.” In fact, on a worldwide scale, for many regions – it seems that retail is just getting started. South America is a great example, where advanced retail with omni-channel services… is in the birth cycle. How exciting an opportunity to get it right!


Booth Dropins

NRF2019 BoothsThere were some very exciting new technologies from a few partners and friendlies. See the video below to get a sense of the show, including a brief look at some new technology from Bell and Howell. It makes Click and Collect exciting, by bringing automation into the mix. Christopher Hill, VP & GM E-commerce Click and Collect Solutions, gives us a demo showing how quick and easy in-store pickup automation has become. It’s a great and innovative shopper’s experience onto itself.

Tanya Bowen, Chief Digital Officer of PCMS then discusses exciting new developments in a new era – ‘Engaged Commerce’. Also, check out the very cool wearable POS demo below. It is much more than merely a small convenience factor. It is about making it easier and faster in-store transaction approval. Convenience is great, but the efficiency and effectiveness impact – drives it home.


Microsoft Shopper’s Experience

NRF2019: Given with love from: Epi, Microsoft, ResulticksPart of retail’s journey is learning from the best practices of other top-notch retailers. Microsoft and RCC took many retailers on a tour of several such flagship stores. Of course, it ended with Microsoft’s very own flagship retail store.

On the third floor, the shopper’s experience truly flourishes. This was the gaming room. It features X-box video games that customers can just come in and play. Even more interesting was the analytics (using Microsoft BI, of course). It showed the amazingly engaging effect of a game like Fortnite. This feedback and learning then draw marketing to create events and programs that associate with Fortnite. These drive greater services and sales. In effect, smarter retail marketing with impact.


Shopper’s Experience Journey Through New York

NRF 2019 Jarvis CenterFollowing the Microsoft event, I took a short walk along 5th Avenue. Not directly associated with NRF 2019, one stop was the Dyson store. It resembles a museum with highly educational content about motors, vacuum cleaning technology, suction/wind movement, and such. Not a sales pitch, but an education.

This followed by the Nike flagship store. Here the shopper’s experience focuses on creating customized Nike running shoes. An appointment is booked with a purchase. Then lab-coated staff help customers in a ‘lab’ with their creative sneaker vision. Again, a shopper’s experience.

Even Victoria’s Secret seemed to focus on pulling guests onto the runway experience with the ‘Angels’. The windows showcased the lavish lingerie from the runway, that makes it into glamour magazines. Yet again, it was about drawing the customer into a dreamy shopper’s experience.


NRF 2019 Opening Reception

NRF 2019: Gran OpeningWhat better way to cap the evening, than with the NRF 2019 (Retail’s Big Show) Opening Reception. Like the International reception, it was hosted in the Marriot Marquis, across two floors of the hotel. Plenty of good networking to be had by all.

To end, enjoy the video below, as a very brief glimpse and a few highlights of the day!








Charles Dimov, VP of Marketing at OrderDynamics

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