New age Dom: Out-of-the-box and ready to deliver
Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Age DOM: Out-of-the-Box and Ready to Deliver

Traditional enterprise software systems are a collection of programs and development tools for building scalable, robust applications. Vendors, in-house IT departments and consulting groups build and adapt the system to the customer needs. Over time, one is able to add new routines. The result is a behemoth that is unique to each organization. The challenge is that it then anchors the organization to the structures and processes that were relevant at the time it was installed.

It is not just the programming layer that needs to be more agile. It is the delivery mechanism.

More recently, technology firms have started to layer in easier and faster ways to customize their systems. However, expectations have changed. It is not just the programming layer that needs to be more agile. It is the delivery mechanism. We all know the technical and commercial arguments in favor of software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery.  But it is not realistic to expect a traditional enterprise system to sit well between the twin demands of adapting to a cost-effective cloud delivery model and providing functionality which can quickly adapt to today’s evolving business needs.


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Jumping the Gun of an Out-of-the-Box Distributed Order Management System (DOM)

OrderDynamics chose to jump the gun on building out our enterprise Order Management System (OMS). We bypassed the older platform paradigm. We bypassed the custom coding stage. We bypassed the in-house computing era. All this we did to bring customers straight to the out-of-the-box, highly configurable, cloud-technology stage.

Sometimes, being way ahead of the curve can make you nervous. Standing apart from the herd of OMS and unified commerce developers who are anchored to the platform stage for their solutions. Their position is understandable. They have invested resources, years of hard work, and money into developing the older paradigm of ‘tabla-rasa’ platform capabilities. It is lucrative to stick with this model. After all, each time a retailer wants to change a business rule, adjust their order routing, or add the latest industry feature to their system, they need a costly consultant to do the work for them. It is easy to get comfortable with this consistent yearly licensing fee, and consulting fees that come with each new platform enhancement.

But the dynamics of modern retail put extreme pressure on timelines and budgets. Pressure to adopt out-of-the-box solutions that are affordable for the mid market. Today’s systems need to be fast to deploy, best practices oriented, feature rich, and administrator adjustable.

New World DOM

Gartner Hype Cycle for retail technology 2017 places out-of-the-box distributed order management system technology along the slope of enlightenment. Enlightenment that comes with realizing that delivering the proverbial “buy-anywhere / fulfil everywhere” capability requires a dedicated, scalable, flexible enterprise grade Distributed Order Management (DOM) system.

Distributed in the sense that it can embrace many order capture channels, multiple sources of inventory and a variety of fulfilment options.

Scalable in that it is a pre-requisite for a DOM. Online commerce continues to grow annually, generating dramatic peaks in order volumes during the holiday periods. The flexible and future-proof capacity to serve this growth is inherent in cloud based technology but more challenging for in-house technology.

Lastly, flexible means capable of adapting to requirements and enabling new strategies, not constraining them.

Welcome to the New World

An interesting new trend that is emerging is that more OMS competitors are starting to suggest they offer an out-of-the-box DOM system. Let’s face it, the advantages are overwhelming. The competitors are wise to finally start evolving their systems to the new phase.

However, OrderDynamics was built for SaaS from day one. We were the first significant DOM vendor to focus on out-of-the-box technology. This we did long before it became a trend. We are proud of having stuck by our strategy when the competitors were telling customers our path was wrong. With the complete focus on DOM development means today OrderDynamics offers retail customers the world’s most innovative out-of-the-box DOM technology. As the leader in this space, we are thrilled to see competitors finally modernizing their systems, and joining us to help retailers, rather than trying to avoid evolution.

What to look for in an Out-of-the-Box Distributed Order Management System

Look for the out-of-the-box distributed order management system that has years of field testingWhilst imitation is the best form of flattery, not all out-of-the-box distributed order management system  technology stands up to scrutiny. As a retailer you will see many options. Here is our checklist to help you see through the smoke and mirrors. (See full checklist of questions in the REAL OMS white paper).

  • Be skeptical of DOM solutions which utilize a development platform as their baseline. The consulting costs of continual adjustment, inflexibility, and time to market for useable features – makes this a marked competitive disadvantage.
  • Look for the out-of-the-box distributed order management system that has years of field testing
  • Ask about how much of the roadmap is the customer’s responsibility to develop. Whilst every business has subtle differences they all share a lot in common. A SaaS platform which is driven by customer feedback ensures every customer benefits from the consolidation of industry best practice.
  • Nothing stays still. Be aware of the number of improvements that come out annually and how quickly you can receive your requirements
  • When demo-ing the solution, have several off-script scenarios to test, that you have NOT shared with the vendor in advance. This tests whether the system is feature rich and ready for you to configure and adjust when you need.
  • Make sure the vendor has the out-of-the-box distributed order management system ready today. One competitor recently sold a client on a set of promises. The vendor provides a future roadmap showing that over the next two years they will roll out an out-of-the-box DOM. This will match OrderDynamics current technology. Curious choice given the imperatives facing most retailers


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Nick McLeanNick McLean, Chief Executive Officer, joined the OrderDynamics group of companies in 2010, having previously worked in both Europe and North America leading global teams for enterprise software and telecommunications companies. He has more than 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing strategies for growth, steering product management, marketing, and partnership activities on both a domestic and global basis.