Missing the $50 Billion Popup Store Market?
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Missing the $50 Billion Popup Store Market?

Are you using popup stores, yet? If you aren’t you need to start thinking about it, fast. It is a $50 Billion market. You definitely don’t want to miss out on it. Not only does it extend your reach and brand exposure, but it also does so cost effectively. A popup store helps you contain costs and extend your brand. Moreover, advanced order management technology makes sure it is integral to your entire omni-channel strategy.

Use the popup store as a seamless extension of your retail experience. Convenience, in more locations, efficient, and great for merchandise pickup spots. Given that you will have some of your latest products in your popup locations, it means 58% of your customers will buy more goods when they drop in for an in-store pickup.

But What About The Extra Inventory?

Popup store inventory does NOT have to be an isolated island, either. You won’t want to ship-from-store from the small footprint of a popup store. There just isn’t enough space for it. But, you will want all that inventory to be accounted for, available and shown on your real-time inventory visibility feed for your website. Not only does it bring in more customers into your popup spot, it also makes that inventory available for your order consolidation.

Unlike 99% of other your competitors, order consolidation lets you use inventory from all locations (popup stores included), to bring in the items to fulfill an order – at one hub location best suited to ship-from-store processes. Use your popup stores as spokes that connect to these hub locations, and make sure your order management system leverages all your inventory. This includes even the inventory in the popups. However, do it intelligently – by providing ONLY ONE BOX SHIPMENT for any given order. Order consolidation makes sure the one multi-item order gets packaged into one single box shipped to the shopper. Customers will love you for it! Better yet, you will save money by making single box shipments – even for your multi-item order.

Learn more about popup stores in the quick infographic below, created by our friends at Colourfast.

The Rise of the Pop Up Store Infographic



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