Millennial Parents and Shopping...
Friday, December 21, 2018

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Millennial Parents and Shopping…

About a year ago we wondered if working mothers were the next big target for omnichannel retail. A couple of newly released research reports has shown that this question is currently more relevant than ever. The NRF Spring 2018 Consumer Review report examined the difference between the way millennials with kids and those without shop. While the UK Parents report by Cybertill looked at the online and in-store consumer behaviour of parents in the UK.

So let’s check out some of the key shopping preferences of modern-day parents…

1. They Love Their Phones Millennial Parents loves their phones

Yes, the younger generations love their phones. And millennial parents are no different. They turn to their phones at nearly every point of the shopping journey. First, 78% use their phones to research product features and reviews vs 63% of non-parent millennials. Then 75% of millennial parents use their phones to check prices or availability vs only 55% of millennials that have no kids. And lastly, 71% of millennial parents use their phones to leave reviews, process returns or chats with customer service vs only 37% of non-parent millennials. (NRF)

2. Your Views Matter

As a retailer, your view on topics really matters to the millennial parent. In fact, 50% of millennial parents always research a brand or retailer’s views on topics that matter to them personally vs 19% of non-parent millennials and 27% of other parents. And nearly 45% of millennial parents say they will only shop at retailers that reflect their social or political values. (NRF)

3. Experience, Experience, Experience…

You have heard it before – and we will say it again. Experience is crucial when it comes to shopping. But for millennial parents, it seems to be even more important. NRF states that 53% of millennial parents are interested in attending a retail event or experience. Which is more than double that of millennials without kids. (NRF)

4. Brick and Mortar Stores are Still Important

Millennial Parents are SuperconsumersBrick and mortar stores are still a big part of the modern-day parent shopping journey. Cybertill found that 68% of parents prefer to shop in-store because they like to see products in real-life and 67% like the convenience of immediately getting a product. (UK Parents).

This was supported by findings from the Rise of the Click and Collect Superconsumer research. This research indicated that Elder Millennials and GenX’s skew more towards being click and collect Superconsumers than other age groups. In other words – they use click and collect more. But not only that – they also buy more when in-store to do a pickup and are often loyal customers.

As Katherine Cullen, Director of Retail and Consumer Insights for the National Retail Federation says “when it is time to experiment with new retail models or innovative ideas, millennial parents might be an ideal target customer.” So make sure you are ready for them!


Carla van DeventerCarla van Deventer is part of the OrderDynamics Marketing team. Her background in corporate communication and events helps her navigate the ever-changing retail tech world.