Thursday, January 3, 2013

Internet Retailer on OrderDynamics and Selecting an eCommerce Platform

Internet Retailer magazine kicks off the New Year with a special feature on top priorities for e-retailers including social media and selecting the right e-commerce platform.

The January issue of Internet Retailer presents the social media formula that can yield the best sales and marketing results for e-retailers. Social media has been identified as a key factor in online marketing for some time, however, the question of how to do so effectively has still remained.  In this issue, Internet Retailer outlines the social media initiatives of the top 3 e-retailers listed in the Internet Retailer Top 500, and how they have efficiently utilized aggressive social media campaigns to generate revenue and boost traffic.

Also in the January issue is a feature on how e-retailers can ensure they select the right eCommerce platform for their business goals. One of OrderDynamics®’ newest clients, Laura Canada, was highlighted in the article, crediting OrderDynamics H.I.V.E. integrations as a major selling point of the SaaS-based platform. A key factor in selecting the OrderDynamics Platform – as stated by Laura Canada’s eCommerce Director, Sam Barnes – was the integration with Canada Post, enabling fulfillment capabilities such as Real-Time Rate Lookup, Real-Time Order Tracking, Ship-to-Post-Office, and Generate Return Label.

According to Mr. Barnes, OrderDynamics was the right choice because the Platform is built on functionalities and capabilities that were vital in facilitating the online customer experience Laura Canada wanted to provide, a consideration that John Kinsella of FitForCommerce says is imperative when selecting a vendor to power an online storefront. Kinsella states that while individual goals may differ, all online retailers must evaluate eCommerce platforms based on functional abilities, and vendor support and relations.  Other points to consider are whether the Platform provider addresses mobile, product content, and social media as well as whether it provides centralized multi-channel capabilities for retailers whose business is also based on a physical storefront, key items that are present in the OrderDynamics On-Demand eCommerce Platform.