Infographic: Future of Ecommerce in 60 Stats
Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Infographic: Future of Ecommerce in 60 Stats

No surprise, global projections peg ecommerce at a $4.9 Trillion dollar business by 2021. At this wild growth, retailers must think about ways to accelerate their own pace. A key part of tapping into this growth will be personalization. In fact, 41% of consumers switched to a new retailer due to personalization, according to Accenture. Not only that, Gartner states that merchants can boost profits by 15% with better personalization.

Future of Ecommerce: Differentiation?

Ecommerce isn’t enough. You need to make sure you are distinct in the market. A growing number of merchants are turning to unified commerce and omni-channel for this. It’s not just about online retail and online shopping. The future of ecommerce is about a great customer experience.

The Click & Collect SuperConsumer research shows that 69.0% of consumers have tried BOPIS. BOPIS being buy online pickup in-store. Yet, in the US, the Omni-1000 research showed that only 29.1% offer it. This while Forbes points out its importance to 73% of retailers. Here is an opportunity. A full 30% of retail feels cost constraints are holding them back. Meanwhile, those offering the services reap the rewards. Simply put, the future of ecommerce will be owned by those who take the leap.

Mobile Commerce 

Mobile devices will be key to the future of ecommerce. A big part of this will include voice search, social media selling, and possibly text purchasing. By 2020, 45% of retail e-commerce sales will be mobile.

Futuristic User Experience

A clever marketing strategy is to promote retail’s future focus. Stay ahead of the curve to get to the experience-focused customers. Walker Sands found that 79% of US consumers want to try drone delivery. That is if it can deliver within an hour. Better yet, 73% said they would pay $10 more for drone delivery.

Future of Ecommerce: Coming in Fast

Below is an infographic originally published by Subscriptionlyin July. Well researched, it touches on all the points above and more.

Remember, that as we march toward the future of Ecommerce retail needs to differentiate. It’s not enough to follow the leader. You have to find the route less travelled. Offer the customer experience that gets them to come back. Part of the answer is to personalize the experience. Part of the answer is to offer more buying options. Part of the answer is to offer a great omni-channel experience.


The Future of Ecommerce Infographic



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