Want to Increase Your Per Store Sales?
Thursday, July 5, 2018

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Want to Increase Your Per Store Sales?

Your customer has chosen to buy online and pick up in store. Is that the end of the buying journey? To increase your physical store sales, you need a strategy to get your BOPIS customers to add to their purchase. Here’s how.

The age of the customer is characterized by digital technologies that satisfy demand for convenience and ease of use. Initial thoughts leaned toward the elimination of the physical store. But, customers continue to surprise everyone with their enduring affection for shopping in store. What was once shopping methods at odds, have now come together with the option to buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) or click and collect. BOPIS has become a key driver of customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue growth for retailers. According to Forrester, 35% of US adults who had shopped online in the prior three months bought something online & picked it up in store in those same three months

For retailers, BOPIS allows them to leverage brick-and-mortar stores to provide a more convenient and personal buying experience. With BOPIS, consumers can easily search and buy products online. Which means they get that instant gratification of getting their purchases almost immediately. Once the online customer is in the store to pick up their items, businesses have the opportunity to entice additional purchases.

To capitalize on this opportunity, retailers must:

Provide Inventory Visibility to Ensure Seamless Fulfillment of the BOPIS Option

A retail order management system can serve shoppers whether they are online or in-store with inventory visibility and options for ease of fulfillment. An OMS give shoppers an intimate view of inventory across all locations, including warehouses. It also supports inventory management tasks at the store-level, so that managers can monitor stock levels and reorder products accordingly. Being able to order specific products online, but also being able to view those products that may only be available in-store will further serve the expectations of customers who make the trip to your locations.


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Merchandised BOPIS Pickup Area

The location of the pickup area for BOPIS orders in your physical store is a key factor to additional sales. Having the pickup area at the front of the store satisfies the need of the customer for convenience. Still make sure to provide adequate signage directing customers where to go for pickup. Best selling or featured items can then be merchandised in this area to increase visibility for customers and contribute to further sales. Also, well-informed sales staff available here can also help.

Technology-Enabled Store Associates for Visibility Into Customer History

When online or in-store, customers demand the same level of personalization. To ensure store associates have a line of sight into purchasing history, connect your employees to your OMS. This visibility will allow associates to engage with customers on a deeper level.  Employees can then speak to customers about products and services that matter most to them. Data via an OMS can provide this information and further the seamless shopping experience of your BOPIS customer.


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Deliver Offers That are Time- & Location-Sensitive

SaaS is the Default OMS Approach to Win with Today's Customers

Don’t let the savings end for your customer online. Offer a deal that can only be used when picking up the order in-store.

BOPIS exclusive offer example: Walmart offers a discount to customers who ship purchases to one of Walmart’s more than 4,700 US stores instead of to a residence or elsewhere.

On top of discounts, rewarding loyalty points to customers who make additional purchases with their BOPIS order is a great way to entice customers.

46% of customers are influenced to spend more in addition to their BOPIS purchase when they are given special deals or discounts in store, while 30% are influenced when something interests them at checkout. Forrester

The goal of BOPIS is not only to make a sale online. Nor is it to make additional sales once that customer picks up their order. Modern commerce demands building solid relationships with your customers that extend well past any one purchase. Many of the suggestions made here will not only help to satisfy the need to increase per store sales but will also foster brand trust for the future between you and your customers.



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