The Global Omni-1000 Video Series
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Global Omni-1000 Video Series

OrderDynamics’ Global Omni-1000 took a customer’s view to discovering what elements of omni-channel retailing, merchants have in place today. In effect, what practices have retailers deployed, and what offerings can a consumer use right now.

Looking at over 1000 retailers around the world, provides a robust perspective on which merchants, retail sub-sectors, and stores truly offer customers an omni-channel experience while shopping. It also provided a clear view of which retailers are NOT using in-store pickup, shipt-to-store, in-store returns, and so on.

The Omni-1000 research scanned retailers across Canada, the United States (US), Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), and the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Norway). Some regions were better equipped at delivering click and collect than others. Our Omni-1000 video above, breaks down the report in the component parts of the research. For example, does the retailer have eCommerce capabilities? Do they offer free shipping? Are the retailers offering click and collect?

Our shopper’s perspective approach provides a highly accurate set of findings, which have garnered considerable international attention in retail markets. The report rates the following capabilities: Ecommerce, Inventory Visibility, Click and Collect, and Returns, and does so across retail sub-sectors (health & cosmetics, fashion, footwear, …). Watch the short Omni-1000 video to learn more. Alternatively, download the full global or country level reports for more details, and breakdown charts.

The first step in helping the retail industry improve our omni-channel capabilities, is to truly understand where we stand on these system deployments – from the shopper’s perspective.



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