Don't Miss These Must-See Sessions at NRF 2018
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Don’t Miss These Must-See Sessions at NRF 2018

Retail’s Big Show is just around the corner. In fact, there is less than a week before a multitude of must-see sessions at NRF 2018 starts. From the Main Stage, to Exhibitor’s big ideas, to the Podcasts and Breakaway Sessions, there is something for everyone.  And don’t forget the OrderDynamics and Born late night cocktail party on Monday night. Make sure you get on the guest list here.

This will however be my first NRF show, and as you can imagine, I am really excited. Which means that I have spent a lot of time examining the agenda, to make sure I hit the coolest talks.  The full agenda of is a total of 46 pages (when printed) and can be a bit daunting, so check out my list of the top 10 must-see sessions at NRF 2018.

1. Kicking it off with Levi Binoculars

NRF 2018 jumps in immediately with a 9am talk at the Main Stage that no one should miss. James “JC” Curleigh, the president of Levi Brands, chats about how brands can continue innovate and stay relevant in the fast changing retail environment. All while staying true to their heritage.

2. QVC on IT and Business

Another one of the must-see sessions at NRF 2018 is the QVC talk that takes place not much later on Sunday, January 14th. At 10:45am at the Feature Stage QVC’s Todd Sprinkle and Mary Campbell will discuss how the combination IT and Business is essential. Through getting these two very different areas to work well together, a lot of key challenges can be solved for retailers.

3. Best of Retail 2020

Moving on to the Innovation Lab Stage at 12:30pm on Sunday, we will be joining Roots, Tusk Ventures and Adidas while they chat about how AR and AI can be used to ensure a true omnichannel experience. They will be focusing on how these two innovative developments power product visualization, customization and customer engagement.

4. Walmart and the Changing Face of Retail

Day 1 of NRF 2018 still packs more punches when it comes to must-see sessions. At 3pm on the January 14th, Walmart’s president and CEO Doug McMillion and CEO of NRF, Matthey Shay will discuss the Changing Face of Retail.  They will discuss what it means to keep up with consumers shifting preferences, from omnichannel convenience to building a community of trust and transparency.


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5.  Day 2 : Light up Real-World Retail

In Day 2 at NRF 2018, we are once again starting off early. At 9:15am at the Exhibition Big Idea area, Todd Brodheim will be joined by other industry experts to examine the power of connected spaces in retail.  Real-time analytics play a big role reinventing retail operations and customer experiences, come find out how.

6. Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Strike Back

Anne Marie Stephen, CEO of the Retail Innovation Lounge and kwolia, will lead this session about which innovation technologies can be used to drive customers back to the physical store.  And with panel members such as Brian Kavanagh from The Hersey Company and Mike Luzzi from PepsiCo, this is definitely one of the must-see sessions of NRF 2018.  Make sure you don’t miss it, 10:30am on January 15 at the Innovation Lab Stage.

7. Omnichannel Analytics

Next up is the analytics talk at the Exhibitors Big Ideas at 1:30pm. Advanced Auto Parts and Chico’s FAS talk part in this session to discuss how their omnichannel strategy is driven by analytics to ensure they sell to their customers; where, what and when they want.

8. Apple and the Modern Shopping Experience

What is on your top tem list to see at NRF 2018? Let us know here!Our last must-see session for Day 2 at NRF 2018 has an all-star speaker panel. Jennifer Bailey from Apple, Blaine Hurst from Panera Bread and Ed Macri from Wayfair come together to chat about the modern shopping experience. They will look at how innovative mobile technologies have helped them give their employees the means of creating meaningful shopping experiences for customers. Make sure you are at the Main Stage at 3pm on Monday!

9.  The In-Store Experience According to Gap

Day 3 of NRF 2018 means more amazing sessions. Such as the Innovating at Gap. Inc session at the Exhibitor Big Ideas area at 4pm.  They will discuss how through in-store employee engagement and operational excellence they drive an innovative customer experience.

10. Tommy Hilfiger

To round of my list of NRF 2018 must-see sessions, we go back to the Main stage. At 4:15pm on Tueday, January 16th,  Tommy Hilfiger will discuss how disruption, embracing technology and driving innovation have kept his brand at the forefront of the industry.

With all the great talks taking place, make sure you don’t forget to come through the Exhibition hall as well. OrderDynamics is at Booth #240 and we would love to say ‘Hi’. See you all on Sunday!



Carla van DeventerCarla van Deventer is Marketing Co-Ordinator at OrderDynamics. With a background in both corporate communication and events, taking on the retail technology world is her current ‘next challenge’.





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