Click and Collect in the Nordics region
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Click & Collect in the Nordics Region

Last month the Omni-1000 Global report broke new ground by actually reviewing retailers actively offering omni-channel services, today. This done by taking a shopper’s perspective while attempting to purchase items. It included looking for advanced indicators like online inventory visibility, in-store pickup services, and in-store returns for online purchases.

In fact, the research captured well over 20,000 points of data across over 1000 retailers, worldwide. Included in the research are the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway. Many thanks to the staff at Tieto who helped with this research, with native Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian researchers.

Click & Collect, or Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) is evident in 57.5% of today's Nordic retail sites.

Click & Collect in the Nordics: Snapshot

Like the advanced UK market, the Nordic region has a high level of click and collect penetration among retailers, at 57.5%. Although this may not seem astoundingly high, when compared to 29.1% in US, and 23.5% in Canada, the Nordic region has a healthy comparative adoption.

Free Shipping

Almost 80% regional free shipping offers are for basket sizes of €74 or less. 45.5% of retailers offer free shipping for online item purchases for checkout values between €50 – €74. These are among the highest levels observed in the global study compared against UK, US, Canada and Australia. This fact alone may explain the high and early adoption of click and collect services in the region, which is good for both consumers and retailers. From the retailer’s perspective an in-store pickup saves on the cost of shipping, and in 58% of order pickups – result in additional sales. From the consumer’s perspective, they often pickup an order at a location or store convenient to them, and saves them the cost of shipping (for orders below the free shipping threshold).

Retailers Most Likely to Offer Click & Collect in the Nordics

pickup delay in hours for click & collect in the Nordics region

Similar to other regions, the larger retailers were most likely to offer omni-channel service to customers. In fact, 77% of chains with more than 251 stores offered the advanced services compared to only 32% of small chains of 10-50 stores. This can serve as an important differentiator for smaller chains. Offering omni-channel services is expected of larger chains, whereas smaller chains with omni-channel offerings provide a larger organizational image. Arguably there are pros and cons to this. It is, however, a point to consider for smaller and mid-sized chains in the region.

Pickup Delays

Fortunately, of the chains offering click and collect services 70.0% commit to having orders ready within 24 hours. This is an important point, given that many shoppers opt for an in-store pickup expecting speed. With detailed in-store inventory information, a shopper can spot if an item is in the store near them, lock in the order online, then go to the store to pickup the item right away – instead of waiting for a delivery. Delivered items are both slow, and unpredictable. Even with tracking information, it is usually unclear whether an item will arrive the next day, within 2 days, and whether that is the morning, or afternoon. All frustrating for the consumer who wants it now.


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Inventory Visibility

As mentioned above, when consumers shop online, they expect to know when an item is in-stock or not. In this respect 80% of all retailers surveyed have basic inventory visibility provided online. This means you can identify an item as either being in-stock or out-of-stock for the online shopper. However, only 14% of retailers provided detailed store level inventory visibility. Here, the level of stock details include both a store level view of items, and the number of a particular item available for sale in that particular store or location.

For a hurried consumer, they can check their favourite brand’s online store. Here, they find the item they desire, and it tells them which store has the item they want. For the 14% of advanced retailers, it will even tell the consumer that there are only 3 units of that item left in the store. This is good for the retailer because the limited volume gives the consumer a sense of scarcity. If they want to ensure the item is available for them, they can buy online and pick up the item in-store.Most retailers offering BOPIS services (91.3) expressly accept online purchases to be returned in-store (BORIS).

Online Returns

At the end of the buyer’s journey the consumer either keeps or returns the purchase. For Nordic retailers, 76.1% accept online returns in store. You can call this BORIS, for ‘buy online return in-store’. Of the retailers offering click and collect services, 91.3% accept online returns in-store.

This too is good in two respects. For the retailer, it means no additional costs of return shipping, and an in-store return can be returned to the store shelf immediately. Of course, this applies to items in sellable condition. This means there is also no need to discount the product. In addition, 67% of consumers who return items in-store will purchase more goods while they are there.

Alternatively, 58% of consumers prefer in-store returns over returning items by post. Consumers find it to be a hassle to repackage the item, find or print the correct label, possibly needing to fill out a form, and drop off the return at a postal outlet. Part of this aggravation is having to organize the different parts to this return, and the insecurity of not knowing whether the right information or form was included for the return process. Transacting the return in person answers the return questions immediately. Was it accepted? Will I be fully reimbursed? Is the transaction done?

Click & Collect in the Nordics

All told, click & collect in the Nordics region is among the more advanced markets with omni-channel retail deployments active today. Other regions have included years of much talk and discussion with very little progress. This is not the case, here. Yet, there is still room to improve. This means that almost 43% of retail chains in Sweden, Finland, and Norway do not offer these conveniences and options.

Given that retail is a hypercompetitive market, NOT offering a convenient service that the competitors offer, is a differentiator that no retailer wants. Customers will ultimately gravitate to the retailers that provide what they want. They’ll look for more information, quicker service, more options, and for their needs.

Many more details are provided in the Omni-1000 Nordics report. This informative report is a helpful benchmark to compare against other retailers in the region.



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