Here is Your Click & Collect Consumer Research Update
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Here is Your Click & Collect Consumer Research Update

OrderDynamics partnered on a research study into the identity and expectations of the Click & Collect consumer. The intention was to provide actionable data for retailers. With that data, strategic and cost-effective plans can be made to target consumers who are already using omni-channel.

Here are Five of the Top Results from the Rise of the Superconsumer Whitepaper:

Get Better, Faster, More Personalized Data on the Click & Collect Consumer

Customer expectations of retail have reached epic proportions. Everything must be better, faster and more personalized. But customers also want to be able to touch and feel the products they are buying. There is huge pressure to meet customer demands. There are also internal business expectations. As a result, these factors lead a growing group of retailers to Click & Collect (C&C), or Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS).

Customer expectations of retail have reached epic proportions. Everything must be better, faster, and more personalFor customers, BOPIS or Click & Collect satisfies the need for convenience and ease of use. It also serves the need for instant gratification with in-store pickups.

Till now, most of the focus has been on why Click & Collect itself is the answer to the demands of both customers and retailers. With this research, we are able to gain insight into who the Click & Collect consumer is. Moreover, it delves into why she chooses omni-channel.
With better, faster, more personalized data, we understand what the Click & Collect customer wants, and why.


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Who Needs to Know the Click & Collect Customer?

Two groups need to know the click & collect consumer. First are retailers who want to grow their existing omni-channel business. Next are those embarking on this revolutionary retail program. For them knowing their target and second best customer … helps craft messages, cater to likes, and get the customer engaged.

A strategic, well-designed BOPIS program can be a significant investment and requires data to back the planning up. Most retailers have already spent money on solutions that help them gather information about their own customers. They know what products they like, how they shop and even how they prefer to see items merchandised. But a new retail program needs new data.

The full Click & Collect consumer report is packed with data you can use to create a program that works for your business. Here are the biggest most takeaways you’ll discover in the report.

4 Distinct Click & Collect Consumer Groups

Researchers discovered the incidence of four distinct Click & Collect consumer groups. These groups include Super, Occasional, Non- and Lapsed consumers. Together, the Super and Occasional C & C consumer groups accounted for over 50% of the North American participants.

The Difference Between Shopping and Buying

Do You Know Who Your Perfect Click and Collect Consumer is? Discover the Superconsumer! Get the Research.

Some habits of the Click & Collect consumer groups show differences between those who shop and those who buy.

Consumers who like to shop are much more likely to prolong the experience. They enjoy researching products and comparing prices. They like to visit stores to experience the product, and finally, they buy. A buyer is a much more transactional consumer. They know exactly what they want. Once found they make the purchases and look for the fastest way to get the item.


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Your Store Environment Matters More Than Ever

Not only must the store appeal to walk-in customers, but it also has to serve BOPIS shoppers. The research shows that specific groups of C&C customers are more likely to make unplanned purchases. This happens both during pick-up visits and while returning items. It creates an option for savvy merchants to set-up the store to encourage these habits.

The Click & Collect Superconsumer Could Make or Break Your BOPIS Program

The Super C&C consumer is female, approximately 25-45 years old, and has a medium to high income.

Furthermore, the research shows the Super C&C consumer to be mostly female. She is 25-45 years old and makes a medium to a large income. This shopper enjoys the experience of shopping and likes to touch and feel the products she will purchase. She also has been leveraging the power of omni-channel retail for at least two years. Take it from a Click & Collect Superconsumer, we love to shop, whether online or in-store.

These are a few takeaways you’ll discover in the latest Click & Collect research report available today. Get the insights you need to plan your Click & Collect program. A winning strategy is the one that serves your customers best. The winning omni-channel strategy caters to the C&C Superconsumer. Read the full report (free) called The Rise of the Click and Collect SuperConsumer Whitepaper.



Rida Talpur is OrderDynamics’ Jr. Marketing Coordinator, and resident retail-loving millennial. She has completed a B.A. from the University of Toronto, as a specialist in Journalism. Rida has interned with prominent names in Canadian journalism including The Toronto Star, and Canadian Living Magazine. Instagram: @ridatalpur