Thursday, May 16, 2013

Canadian Retailer: Laura Canada’s Bold Jump Into Ecommerce

The Spring issue of Internet Retailer applauded new trends from some of Canada’s leading retailers and highlights OrderDynamics client Laura Canada and their 2012 eCommerce launch. Since 1930 Laura has followed a simple model of providing superior customer service with motivated, driven sales associates and fashion consultants at its retail stores. Their eCommerce launch last year applied the same mentality and attention to detail in order to unify customer experiences and set a new standard for cross-channel shopping in Canada.

According to eMarketer, online sales in Canada have consistently increasing by 14% year over year. By 2015, online sales will exceed $31 billion, an astounding benchmark compared to only 10 short years ago. Laura Canada is embracing eCommerce, in part to capitalize on the growing Canadian market, but also because they see online retailing as a way to provide additional service to its long-time customers by supporting their in-store experience.

“Though Laura Canada is well positioned for growth in the coming years, their jump into eCommerce isn’t solely based around new customer acquisition. The cornerstone of Laura Canada’s success has been centered on strong service and customer oriented programs.  They see their new online channel as an integral way to support customers with even more multi-channel features, many of which are set to be incorporated into their 2013 offerings,” says Michael Turcsanyi, President of OrderDynamics, in this issue of Canadian Retailer.

The article walks readers through mission critical elements of the launch and explains how the leading apparel retailer selected its state of the art eCommerce platform. The article also details Laura’s effort to integrate their eCommerce platform their warehouse, CRM, ERP, email marketing, and loyalty systems to offer a best-in-class shopping experience and transparency to their customers. Laura’s eCommerce implementation with OrderDynamics also features a built-in integration with Canada Post, enabling customers to have parcels delivered straight to any of Canada Post’s 6,500 post offices across the country.

Sam Barnes, Director of eCommerce at Laura Canada, spoke about entering eCommerce with OrderDynamics, saying “[Our] goal is to provide the absolute best shopping experience for our customers across all sales channels. The on-site experience, ongoing service and quality of fulfillment, are all key to our eCommerce strategy.  OrderDynamics integration with Canada Post’s eCommerce services has proven to be a feature that our customers are already making great use of.  These integrations helped Laura immediately achieve several short and long-term goals for our eCommerce channel.”

There is a growing urgency for retailers across Canada to unify retail touch points and move toward creating an integrated omni-channel experience. With the launch of, Laura Canada has done just that, while setting a new cross-channel retailing standard in the process.

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