Thursday, August 16, 2018

Best Order Management Awards & Accolades

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of awards, galas, dinners and accolades. Firstly, many thanks to our friends at Salesforce for the Ohana partnership. As well as Microsoft for the next level of our Microsoft Gold Partnership. This for our work on the Azure cloud network. Then came the best order management and retail technology awards. We are honored, humbled, and grateful.

Supply Chain Innovation Award It takes a lot of drive to always think out of the box, continually push innovative boundaries, & keep asking what will help retailers succeed.

SDC 100 Logo 2018

On retail innovation Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) awarded OrderDynamics as a recipient of it’s most innovative in retail. In the SDCE 100’s own words, “the 2018 SDCE 100 shines the spotlight on the industry’s most successful and transformative projects that deliver value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions.”

Recognition of being among the SDCE’s most innovative for 2018 means quite a bit to us. It calls out that experts in retail recognize the importance of innovations like order consolidation, dynamic inventory visibility, and shipping rate brokering. These new developments are already having an impact on retailers like Browns Shoes and several other retailer testing out the new capabilities.

Thanks. In effect, this is SDCE announcing that OrderDynamics does have one of the best distributed order management technologies on the market.

Retail Technology Innovation Index

Retail Technology Innovation Index - Powered by Ensemble IQ

Next, EnsembleIQ ran a very thorough inquiry to index a broad set of retail technology vendors. From chatting with EIQ they mentioned that they first reviewed 850 tech firms. Then they further investigated 750, and went into depth with 450 of those. This included a very holistic view of the company. It also included interviews with the CEO, other executives, and customers. Beyond that, an analyst review of the technology, RFI’s, and a detailed submission regarding additional aspects of the company. It went beyond merely assessing the current retail innovation offering for the year. Rather, EnsembleIQ reviewed the company’s overall setup for continued retail innovation.

On the Retail Technology Innovation Index, OrderDynamics is proud to have ranked 34th from an extended 750 companies initially reviewed. Click here for a full listing of the top 75 retail innovators.  Congratulations to these top 75. It takes tremendous drive to consistently think out of the box, continually push innovative boundaries, and constantly ask what will help retailers succeed. Like the SDCE 100, we graciously accept the 34th position as an endorsement of OrderDynamics offering among the best order management systems available today.

EnsembleIQ’s Innovation Index comes at an important time when retail is undergoing a true renaissance. In this light, David Shanker, CEO of EnsembleIQ states that “Retailers are embracing technology to improve the customer experience and transform their business operations. The Innovation Index will enable them to make better decisions”. Thank you EnsembleIQ for taking on such a large project, to help shed some light on the retail technology space.

Gartner & Forrester 2018

Thanks too go out for both Gartner and Forrester. Gartner listed OrderDynamics on the Market Guide for Retail Distributed Order Management (DOM) report, with a perfect 20/20 score, again. Similar to the awards above, Gartner in effect highlight OrderDynamics among the world’s best DOM technologies, in direct comparisons against the other top-ranking systems.

Furthermore, the Forrester Wave on omnichannel order management ranked the best DOM systems listing a high dollar volume cutoff. At the time, OrderDynamics was just below Forrester’s dollar cutoff due to being a mature startup in growth mode. At the time of the report, Forrester commented on our technology as being an honorable mention and an “up and comer”.

Forrester’s latest Omnichannel Order Management Systems report again lists OrderDynamics among the world’s leading systems.


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IHL’s Market Insight View

IHL Insight Market ViewIn late 2017, IHL published its OMS software overview. Here vendors were broken out into general retail and food/drug/convenience markets. Then in each category, IHL mapped growth/direction/resilience against relative strength. In this respect, IHL assessed some of the best order management technologies available today. Yet again, we are proud and honored to break through the challenger quadrant (upper left) into the OMS leader quadrant (upper right). Much appreciated that IHL noted the solution as a solid and impactful alternative to the other cloud-based technologies hosted on AWS (OrderDynamics is on Microsoft Azure, worldwide).

OrderDynamics highlights its unique order routing optimization technology which considers how busy retail locations are before routing to those locations. It also provides a microservices based architecture. Also notable is the wide range of ecommerce platforms (ECP) with which it integrates. Examples include Salesforce Commerce Cloud,  Episerver, Magento, Websphere, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Kibo Commerce ECP, Big Commerce, and Shopify Plus. This all plays into our philosophy of creating the best possible converged commerce ecosystem that gives retailers the widest array of choices.

IDC’s DOM Marketscape 

Get Will the Real OMS Please Stand Up? WhitepaperJust released was IDC’s first DOM Marketscape report. Being particularly excited about the in-depth analysis of retail technology, I am glad to say that IDC did an exceptionally thorough job analysing the market. This included vendor and technology reviews, senior management vision discussions, meetings operating retailers, an RFP, then several further discussions and follow-ups. IDC reached out to the world’s top order management vendors. From a lengthy list vendors they culled the numbers to a short list of eight key DOM developers.

IDC’s capabilities vs strategies marketscape positioned OrderDynamics as a Major Player in DOM technology. In effect, this placement positions OrderDynamics among the best order management systems available on the market.

OrderDynamics DOM is known in the market for exceptionally high capacity (scalability), being on the Azure cloud network, and supporting both enterprise & mid-market retailers. Among other competitors in the mid to enterprise class products, OrderDynamics is one of the only standalone system designed for integration into the widest array of ECP and backend technologies. It is designed for a truly converged commerce solution. This gives retailers the ability to cherry-pick the absolute best technologies for their retail tech stack. This in stark contrast with inwardly focused vendors focused on being seamless primarily with their own suite of products. The OrderDynamics DOM is designed for interconnectivity, and seamless integration with a multitude of other high end systems.

Legitimacy and Impact

When a series of third parties review the retail landscape without bias - eventually trends and patterns become evident. You see Google Ads continually touting a vendor’s self-designating ‘best order management system’ tagline. “#1 Award Winning Software” by some major players. “Award-Winning Order Management” by anther vendor NOBODY has ever heard of (let’s be frank and serious). But it is important to keep watching the analysts, indices and awards, in this category. When a series of third parties do their homework and review that landscape without bias – trends and patterns become evident. No one report is without its own flaws or bias. However, a series of consistent observations paint a positive picture.

It is easy to self-designate having the best order management technology. It is altogether a different story for a number of neutral third parties to triangulate on this opinion. Anyone can spell “O M S”. But just because you can spell it, does not mean you can build it well. Over time, we believe that specialization and expertise key to building a great product.

Many thanks for the accolades and positive commentaries. From various angles, the team here at OrderDynamics feels humbled to continue to develop and evolve one of the world’s best order management technologies. But the work doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the team for continuing to pour their passion and expertise our order management system. Working hard to help our retail customers succeed, and excel.



Charles Dimov - Director Marketing OrderDynamicsCharles Dimov is Vice President of Marketing at OrderDynamics. Charles has 21+ years experience in Marketing, Sales and Management across various IT and Technology businesses. Previous roles include Chief of Staff, Director Product Marketing, and Director Sales. Charles has held roles in brand name firms like IBM, Ericsson, HP, ADP, and OrderDynamics.