Ascend USA 2018: Beyond Episerver Ecommerce & CMS
Monday, March 12, 2018

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Ascend USA 2018: Beyond Episerver Ecommerce & CMS

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Ok, I will be first to admit that I came to Episerver’s Ascend USA 2018 conference – really thinking about Episerver Ecommerce and CMS solutions. Well,  Ascend has given me an about-face, regarding our good partner at converged commerce (best-of-breed unified commerce).

Beyond Episerver Ecommerce & CMS 

Congratulations to Episerver on the tremendous effort and work that goes into running a full partner and customer conference. Not only is it a big event, this specifically has been a critical year based on the development and investment put into creating the Digital Experience Cloud. Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud brings customers a tremendous value proposition. Its full suite of products plays well with partners, to create a robust converge commerce experience. Frankly, this is unparalleled in the market today – by ANY player.

Episerver has expanded its offering far beyond Episerver Ecommerce and CMS. In 2018, they now offer:

Pool at the Ascend 2018 Conference

  • Episerver Commerce
  • Episerver CMS
  • Episerver Find
  • Episerver Social API
  • Episerver Social UGC
  • Episerver Perform
  • Episerver Campaign
  • Episerver Personalized Find
  • Episerver Profile Store
  • Episerver Insight
  • Episerver Advance
  • Episerver Headless API
  • Episerver CMS Failover

Ascend 2018 Wall

Best of all many of these individual elements can stand-alone, or can be grouped as a full offering. All told, grouping the entire Digital Experience Cloud portfolio places an Episerver solution at a 35% lower cost compared to similar portfolios like that of Magento. Also, given that Digital Experience Cloud is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud (like OrderDynanics’ DOM), it makes both systems massively scalable – to meet the needs of even the largest enterprise retail chains.

Gaining Momentum

Introducing new technologies is one piece of the puzzle. Introducing new technologies with customer up-take is far more impressive. In this regard, Episerver was proud to share success cases with a variety of clients on an international scale. Cases included Easons, Modelo Beer, NAKD, Topman, Fat Tires, Umpqua Bank, New Era, Payback, and The White Company (London).

Introducing Episerver Advance 

Ascend - Conference Directory

Among the more exciting offerings is the Episerver Advance product. This is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven product recommendation engine for retailers. Wrap this with Episerver’s personalization engine, and tie with a powerful OrderDynamics DOM and you have a solution that brings unparalleled punch to the retail landscape.

A perfect example of stepping beyond mere Episerver Ecommerce & CMS capabilities. As a converge commerce play – this is a game changer for retail. Think next steps, and there may be the potential for a system like this to provide feedback to the content creators in retail – about what to develop next, or what content drive more in-store pickups for example. Brave new frontiers.

Fountain at the Ascend 2018 Conference

Partner Awards 

A partner event would not be complete without a series of awards, and accolades to promote the best practices. As such, a well deserved set of congratulations go out to the many winners.

1. Industry Go-To-Market Partner of the Year

North America    →        BrightFind

2. Acender Partner

APAC                    →    Get Started
North America    →    Hero Digital

3. Dynamics Ecosystem Partner of the Year

Ascend Episerver Conference: Couches

APAC                     →    Empired
North America    →    ThinkMax

4. Digital Commerce Partner of the Year

APAC                    →    Fusion
North America    →    WhereOWare

5. Strategic Partner of the Year

APAC                     →    LEVO
North America    →    RightPoint

6. Digital Experience Cloud Partner of the Year

Luminous Labs Team - an OrderDynamics Partner

APAC                    →    Empired
North America    →    Luminos Labs

Clouds of Commerce

Speaker at the Ascend 2018 ConferenceDigital Experience Cloud is a huge step forward and beyond merely an Episerver Ecommerce & CMS offering. Retailers thinking about a converged commerce deployment can start there, with an OrderDynamics DOM. It also means that going with an Episerver & OrderDynamics solution gives retailers room to expand and grow as their future needs evolve.

A truly critical piece of the Episerver puzzle is their commitment to their technology and systems integration partnership. Chad Wolf, Episerver Chief Customer Officer, surmised it well as a mission. Wolf told the partnership that “we have a big year, and will achieve it together with our Episerver partners.” Again in Wolf’s terms, this new direction clearly positions Episerver as retail’s new “Digital Experience Leader”.



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