5 Ways to Improve Your Store Traffic
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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5 Ways to Improve Your Store Traffic

How eCommerce helps drive store traffic – by bringing shoppers into your physical shop

Omni-channel customers represent significant value and opportunity to retailers. Customers who purchase both online and in-store have a 30% higher lifetime customer value. Therefore, creating a strong omni-channel commerce system is paramount.

Where to Start?

More and more of your customers are beginning their buying journey online. Most even make purchases right there. And while your website is often the beginning of the customer journey, it does not have to be the end.

Your customers start online, therefore so should you. Physical shops continue to succeed for many retailers because of their ability to drive store traffic from their eCommerce site.

Here are five ways to improve store traffic using your eCommerce site:

1. Location Finder

One of the most important pieces of information on your eCommerce site is the physical location of your stores

Location, location, location! Perhaps the single most important piece of information you can provide on your eCommerce site to drive in-store traffic is the location of your stores. Include a store locator on your website. It should list all your locations, complete with the address, email, social media information and telephone number. After all, making it easy for your online visitors to find your store is the first step towards getting your customers to come to your store.

2. Coupons, Deals, Promotional Pricing, Flash Sales

As a retailer, you already know the power of pricing to generate revenue. But have you tried promoting deals on your eCommerce site to drive store traffic? Offering a digital coupon that users can redeem for their next in-store purchase encourages visits to your shop. Make these deals a prominent feature on your site. Use banner images and pop-ups to ensure your online customers know exactly what they can get (i.e. big savings) with a visit to your physical store. Remember driving store traffic, drives sales.


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3. Inventory Visibility, From Online to Store Level Merchants largely realize the importance of inventory visibility, as 68.4% provide at least a basic in-stock indicator on their site

Inventory visibility lets your customers see what you’ve got, and where. Since it is one of the first steps to a purchase, failing to show any inventory visibility on your site not only risks losing customers altogether but can also prevent in-store visits. In today’s world that means – don’t show what merchandise you have in each store, and you could actually reduce store traffic!

For a shopper, knowing there are four shirts in a nearby store may entice them to drop in for a purchase, or pickup. Also, knowing there is only one shirt left puts a sense of urgency to locking in that purchase for an in-store pickup. Used effectively, inventory visibility can positively affect both online and offline sales.

4. Promotions of In-Store Events, Experiences

The physical store’s greatest benefit continues to be the customer experience. Promoting this experience via your eCommerce site inspires customers to join in. What are the benefits you provide to your customers in-store? Do you offer personal shopping assistants? Samples or demos? Ensure your customers know about these experiences by promoting them on your site. Use images to showcase past events. Publish customer testimonials that speak to the positive experience they have had. Finally, spotlight your employees so your customers can recognize who they’ll be seeing in the store, too. All told, these little things make it a more personable, and personalized experience for shoppers.

5. Pick up In-Store

Get the Omni-1000 Research StudyCustomers embrace the idea of buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS). This feature offers instant gratification with cost savings on delivery. In a survey of consumers who shop online and pick up in-store, 73 percent of respondents said they choose that option to avoid shipping fees. Another 30% said they were not prepared to wait around for delivery of their online order. Beyond these customer benefits providing an incentive to purchase online and pick up in-store (limited availability items for in-store pickup only) can further increase store traffic.

There are many reasons why customers prefer to shop online. Take advantage of these reasons and encourage customers to visit your physical store, too. By focusing on the customer’s desire to save time and money, you’ll be able to meet your own goals as well.

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