Strategic Planning

In online commerce, it’s not just the technology that counts. Success depends on a holistic plan. Our expert team of retail strategists have decades of retail and eCommerce advisory expertise and employ proven methodologies that can help shape your strategic planning.

Commerce Readiness Framework. Our Commerce Readiness Framework is a template for documenting the “10P’s” that covers every aspect of what it takes to build and deploy your commerce technology – whether our own or our partners’ – from “proposition” to “people” to “performance metrics” and beyond. It’s how our retail experts help ensure all your bases are covered.

International Expansion. Our International Readiness Framework draws on our significant database of international benchmark data to help ensure your market entry is successful in areas such as proposition, payment methods, cultural needs and more.

Omni-Channel Planning. We work with you to help define your omni-channel strategy and build a roadmap to meet your requirements that takes legacy systems, resource, strategic priorities and budget in account.

Annual Review. We perform annual reviews with you to fine tune your strategy and coordinate timing and budgeting of functional additions to the commerce platform, launch of new international sites, or additional third-party integrations.

Delivery Services

With expertise accumulated from building and managing commerce technologies for many of the world’s leading brands and retailers, our implementation teams deliver results every day. We ensure your commerce projects are delivered on time and on budget, utilizing our own software and that of our partners.

Requirements and Design. Our requirements and design workshops start from a proven reference architecture and then focus on identifying the changes and enhancements you require. Our well-honed process provides a rapid system definition and timeline for delivering a new platform.

Structured Implementation. With a large and experienced team, we’re able to respond quickly and rapidly to the timeline your business dictates. Our agile delivery methodology ensures that you get to validate and review progress on your project every step of the way.

End-user Training. Our user training empowers your site, operations, marketing, merchandising, contact center and store staff with the ability to use the power of our products to drive revenue, improve efficiency and better serve your customers.

Support Services

Our global support services offer a single point of contact and ownership to identify and resolve product problems as quickly and simply as possible.

Commerce Account Manager. Our commerce and order management customers benefit from an account manager that serves as a single point of contact for access to our resources, and who provides valuable advice and recommendations for managing and improving platform usage.

Incident Management. We offer a single Service Level Agreement (SLA) and support route to cover all products, third parties and client-specific code that we have contracted for you.

Continuous Monitoring. Our advanced platform monitoring tools provide an early warning of potential user experience or site update issues and initiate appropriate remedial action.

Operational Assistance. We offer a pool of skilled resources to assist and guide you with operational management of the commerce platform and to help supplement your resources where required.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services ensure your system remains functional and optimal even as the internal and external environment around it changes and is updated.

Reactive Maintenance. Each commerce or order management platform deployment has client-specific code to meet the requirements of each client. Our maintenance service provides end-to-end coverage of both platform software and client code for resolving issues identified in this code.

Preventative Maintenance. Our preventative maintenance service for commerce and order management platforms uses extensive automated testing to help identify potential issues caused by new browser releases, software updates or integration changes before they occur.

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