Decision Intelligence Application

Many retailers are flying operationally blind when it comes to understanding the performance drivers and dependencies between marketing, merchandising, operations and finance. Retailers need a unified view across their organizations and, in many cases, that data is locked in functional silos. Dynamic Action is a first-of-its-kind Decision Intelligence Application that analyzes data dependencies across a retailer’s organization and presents immediate, detailed actions to drive profitable growth across the business.



What It Delivers

  • Connects online and offline data from across the organization
  • Pinpoints exactly what’s impacting profit
  • Generates a list of opportunities for where to focus and what to do
  • Calculates and prioritizes actions based on the profit potential to your business


Executive Hub

Provides a unified view of potential profit and how departments must collaborate to execute on that potential.

Order Waterfall

Outlines the order process to identify areas of your business that are contributing to or detracting from the net order value.

Profit Tree

Traces the product journey evolution from sample to shipping and outlines all the opportunities to improve your profit potential.

Metric Drivers

Look across the six dimensions of your commerce operations to diagnose why a metric has changed.

Opportunity List

Provides a prioritized list of opportunities according to your highest profit potential and recommends corresponding actions.


Manage tasks to take action on any individual or group of opportunities. You can assign, schedule, track progress, and communicate with team member about different tasks.

Dynamic Action screenshot

Powering Intelligent Commerce

Combine Dynamic Action with our commerce platform and order management system and benefit from an array of platform pre-integrations that help you strike a balance between your omni-channel initiatives and bottom-line profitability. Drive a sustainable, customer-driven approach to commerce by optimizing your marketing, merchandising, fulfilment and operational activities with advanced profit-focused opportunities and actions. Learn more about intelligent commerce, our next generation solution for retail.

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