What it Delivers

  • Gives you total order management across all retail channels and business lines.
  • Lets you sell across all channels according to demand and reduce stock overhead.
  • Streamlines all order and fulfillment processes across channels.
  • Provides the tools to deliver best-in-class customer service with a built-in CRM and call center application.


Order Orchestration

Employ Accurate, Efficient End-to-End Order Processing.

Scale up order volumes, reduce manual processes and improve order accuracy by automatically moving customer orders through a comprehensive workflow that includes fraud detection, address validation, credit card security verification, packing slip printing, and a series of customer notifications updates.


“OrderDynamics provides solutions for retailers with deep multi-channel capabilities and functionality, setting them apart from other mass-market order management tools that cater to web-only and catalog retailers.”
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Intelligent Order Routing

Enabling Next Generation Order Fulfillment.

Meet your customer’s delivery expectations every time by sourcing available-to-sell inventory in real-time across your entire enterprise and sending it to the optimal fulfillment location. Experiment with different routing strategies for different peak periods of the year using a simple interface for adapting/managing actions and conditions.


“With OrderDynamics, we can now offer a complete cross-channel shopping experience for our shoppers. The new Laura.ca puts us a step above well-known brands with established online operations.”
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Advanced Inventory Management 

Get a Unified View of Inventory Across Your Enterprise.

Get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet customers’ promised delivery dates, make smarter fulfillment decisions and utilize stock from the most cost-effective locations by unifying different inventory pools across multiple channels. Avoid losing orders to inventory stocks-outs. Reduce profit loss to inventory markdowns/clearance.


The OrderDynamics SaaS platform is highly flexible, allowing Henry’s to implement our desired user experience and achieve the highest level of synergy with our business systems.
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Call Center Application

Use Simple Tools to Drive Sales and Customer Service.

Provide prompt, accurate customer support that drives repeat sales. Our call center application gives customer service agents a one page checkout screen that enables fast customer lookups, enables them to modify customer orders without canceling them, and displays the right offers for all your brands and prompts reps to cross-sell and upsell.


“With OrderDynamics’ omni-channel fulfillment solutions, The Shoe Company can provide the most convenient shopping experience possible to keep our customers happy and continue growing our business.”
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Customer Relationship Management

Understand Cross-Channel Customers.

Drive new levels of loyalty and profitability with a 360-degree view of customers across channels. Point-and-click to create customer segments and target your most valuable shoppers with relevant promotions. Capture online and offline shopping preferences and analyze behaviour to deliver consistent, relevant messages that increase conversion.


We’re very pleased with the new website and the OrderDynamics platform. We now have the ability to quickly an easily innovate in areas of the site that will help us service more customers.
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Loyalty and Subscription

Extending the Customer Lifetime Value.

Enable cross-channel subscription and continuity ordering. Our customer retention feature, called AutoShip, encourages online customers to sign up for recurring order deliveries based on predetermined automatic payments and delivery schedules. Subscription and continuity ordering extends the lifetime value of your customers, fosters greater loyalty and helps retailers forecast future order volumes.

Product Information Management

Get a Precise Two-Way Product Information Feed.

Use a single repository of detailed information with real-time product details, changes and updates, ensuring you get accurate and reliable product information every time.


Running B2C and B2B sites off the same eCommerce platform allows our organization to streamline order management and manage several eCommerce websites much more easily than ever before.
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Optimized Warehouse Fulfillment

Warehouse Management with Rapid Fulfillment Operations.

Get the tools to manage efficient online warehouse fulfillment, including Purchase Order (PO) and Vendor Management. Our OD Endpoint technology helps automate fulfillment by offering real-time shipping carrier integration, and shipping label printing, and packing slips with reports. The OMS also enables drop shipping with third party vendors to extend product assortment and inventory, while reducing lost sales due to stock-out situations.


“The OrderDynamics technology and partnership approach allows our business to grow to new heights, and delivery on our service-level promises.”
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Actionable Insights, Profitable Growth

Our Retail Order Management System is pre-integrated with DynamicAction, the premiere decision intelligence platform for retailers. So you get a system that not only improves your ordering processing and fulfillment across all channels, but also analyzes all your customer order, shipping and delivery data to tell you exactly what’s impacting profit and recommends actions to take, ranked by profitability. Learn how our intelligent commerce solution will help you improve customer engagement, delivery promises and fulfillment practices.

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