What it Delivers

  • Infinitely scalable commerce solution providing customer-centric shopping experiences
  • Rich marketing, promotional and merchandising capabilities
  • Complete responsive cross-channel content syndication
  • Global content management, enterprise publishing and centralized product catalogs


Responsive Design

Create a Seamless Shopping Experience Across Multiple Devices. Optimize each web experience across any number of devices to provide the most seamless cross-channel shopping experience for your customers. Our cutting edge Responsive Design framework empowers retailers to move faster than competitors with a highly customizable single instance of code to redefine omni-channel excellence with fully internationalized 1-page checkouts, innovative device-based personalization and targeting capabilities, and more.

Dynamic Promotions Engine

Automate and Accelerate Your Complex Promotional Strategies. Combine advanced promotional tactics and deliver a consistent experience across all of your promotions. Point-and-click your way through thousands of promotional scenarios and multi-channel exchanges. Schedule and launch campaigns automatically. And track your success using more than 80 ready-to-use reports.

Content Personalization and Syndication

Give Customers the Information They Want, When and Where They Want It. Create a completely tailored online shopping experience for every unique customer. Our advanced personalized content areas allow you to feed targeted promotions and content based on individual customer and visitor profiles. We provide the ability to A/B test individual content areas and dynamic business rules.

Product Merchandising & Search

Dynamically Showcase Your Top-Selling Products and Make Them Easy to Find. Streamline merchandising products and promotions on your website with full control over how and where products are displayed, how sales and promotions are presented, and by using content controls to customize the shopping experience. Make products easy to find and buy using merchandising controls, dynamic site navigation and personalized search result pages to guide shoppers through to purchase.

Enterprise Publishing

Push-to-Production with Automated Scheduling and Tracking. With our publishing functionality extended across your entire system, users can work within a single instance with push-to-production capabilities to test and experiment with changes to the commerce site. Seamlessly transition from draft to production across the following areas: configuration, parameters, templates, content pages, promotions, products, categories, as well as slicing and timing. Our publishing functionality allows you to schedule updates for future date and mitigates human errors. Managers are given advanced change tracking support, allowing them to look into the history of individual objects, compare changes, revert back to historical versions, and go back multiple periods of different revisions.

Enterprise SEO

Help Your Site Outrank The Competition. We deliver industry best practices and simple tools for you to rapid and highly effective on-page SEO, from highly optimized code and images, to easy-to-use interfaces that allow you to optimize your landing pages and launch SEO-friendly micro-sites that reach specific audiences with targeted content.


Drive Growth Through Repeat Purchases With Your B2B Customers. Enjoy advanced support for B2B ordering, including robust B2B grouping functionality, customer display fields, credit limits, tax exemption, shipping restrictions, login modes and pricing support. Assign customers B2B group status via the backend, or through self-registration business rules on the frontend. Control catalogs via login preferences with options to hide pricing until authenticating or login. Leverage pricing options and controls including percentages off the entire catalog, category discounts, and individual SKU pricing and quantity break pricing right from your website.

International Management

Rapidly Expand Into New Markets With Confidence. Accelerate your global growth strategies while maintaining high-level customer service. Sell and merchandise in almost every major language. Select multiple cultures and store them in a single product data repository while adjusting to regional languages and dialects. Global currency automatically adapts product prices into local currencies. Global tax makes managing taxes simple, providing real-time local tax calculations. Global payment supports complex international payment requirements, such as offline payments.

Scalability and ROI with a Cloud-Based Commerce Platform

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