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OrderDynamics allows you to streamline the steps involved with merchandising products and promotions on your website. Through the OrderDynamics eBusiness Manager, business users have control over how and where products are displayed, how sales and promotions are presented, and have content controls to customize and personalize the shopping experience.

Fast, Rich Product Display

OrderDynamics provides easy-to-use tools to drive the optimal website experience. Product pages are designed by usability experts then each page template is implemented by OrderDynamics for maximum performance, SEO, and using the latest frontend controls. Business users have complete, per-product control over how products are displayed including SEO tags, short and long descriptions, categories, pictures, accessories, bundles, coupons, complex pricing, sales promotions, and more. Import tools and bulk editors are available for changes to many products, categories, or brands at once. In addition, OrderDynamics supports many different Integration scenarios which provides the ultimate balance between product merchandising and data integrity. Best of all, changes can be made instantly or scheduled based on your approval workflow.

Product Attributes

High volume websites must avoid, wherever possible, storing content "statically" on a webpage. The more data that is stored in a database, the more effective the presentation and usage of that information. OrderDynamics provides a robust Product Attribute engine, allowing merchants to harness their data assets in new ways. Product attributes are common properties across groups of similar products. The OrderDynamics system allows for the creation of Attribute Groups and the storage of over 10 data types. Attributes can be enabled for presentation, backend purposes, or guided navigation. Product teams and maintain attribute information at a per-product level or provide OrderDynamics with file based imports. The display of product attributes follow the custom product page template and OrderDynamics provides additional display controls, for example units of measure. Product comparisons, and other frontend shopping tools, are driven using product attributes.

Automated Image Generation

To drastically improve website performance and reduce time required to manage images, OrderDynamics automatically generates all thumbnail images. Products, categories and brands can have multiple images, however only a single high-quality image is required for each view of the product or landing page. From here, the OrderDynamics system automatically generates all display sizes that are used throughout the website, including all custom content areas thumbnails. Images of each size are created to the right proportions, highest quality, and smallest file size based on where the image is used on the website.

Frontend Enablement Includes:
  • Fully custom page templates (product, category, brand, search, etc.)
  • Search Results, Category, and Brand pages w/multi-category results
  • Guided Navigation filtering using product data and attributes
  • Product Attribute engine for Presentation, Guided Navigation, and Comparisons
  • Product Personalization Controls (gifting, messaging, engravings, customizations, surveys, etc.)
  • Dynamic & Static Product Content Areas
  • "People who bought this Also Bought that" Dynamic Listings
  • Top Products & Category Carousels
  • Product Bundling and "Dynamic Bundles" (real SKUs and merchandising)
  • Related Items Lists & Accessories Linking
  • Mini Cart and Custom Animations
  • Product Ratings and Reviews
  • Variant Support (Product Masters and Child Categories)
  • Recently Viewed & Purchased Listings
  • "You may be interested" Listings
  • Wish Lists w/save & email option
  • Categories Promotions
  • Multiple Product Images
  • Rich Imaging Display Options (zoom, animation, video)
  • Custom Checkout and Shopping Cart
  • Product, Category and Brand Image Carousels
  • Rules-based Personalized Content Areas with support for Images, Flash or HTML
  • On-page SEO controls (vanity URL, title, keywords, meta description, link title text, alt image)
  • Advanced navigation tools (product finders, accessory finders, etc.)
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