Canada's Leading
Ecommerce Platform

OrderDynamics is a Canadian eCommerce platform provider for retailers with growing online channels. We have more than five years of experience launching many of Canada's leading eCommerce websites.

Canada Post Integration

OrderDynamics is the only eCommerce platform integrated with Canada Post web services. Our Clients can ship to any Canada Post outlet, display real-time delivery estimates and rate lookups, and more.

French Canadian Language

With two national languages, it is critical the platform provide easy support for French Canadian culture. OrderDynamics provides core-platform support for multi-language and preferences within a customer's My Account section.

Fast Go-to-Market Times

The on-demand nature of OrderDynamics delivers shorter project timelines to Canadian businesses new to eCommerce. Removing the need for hardware, software, and hosting procurement can cut timelines by up to 40%.

Expert Guidance and Account Management

For the past four years, we have significantly increased our Canadian retailer footprint, and with over eight years of re-launching high volume websites in the US, OrderDynamics is an ideal partner to help accelerate online success.

Easy Fulfillment Solutions

OrderDynamics delivers superior flexibility and scalability with a built-in Order Management System and Warehouse technology, in addition to automated fulfillment, 3PL, Drop Shipping, WMS integration, and in-store pick up.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Understand the 7 best practices for a successful eCommerce re-platforming project.

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